Post your favorite Disney song


Yeah go ahead and watch it get flagged


“I Won’t Say I’m In Love” have been posted already, and that’s definitely my favourite in Disney :slight_smile:
Really like " I’ll Make A Man Out Of You" too.

To add fave that’s not mentioned, here is Brother Bear ‘I’m on my way’ by Phil Collins

When I was a kid when they were released though, I honestly believed that Anastasia and Prince of Egypt were Disney too :see_no_evil: And those ‘Once Upon A December’ and ‘Deliver Us’ songs had a major impact on me over Disney.
I have a feeling that Spirit isn’t Disney too :thinking:


We waltzed for that on my prom, the perfect ending for such an event!

If it wasn’t 20th Century Fox, I would have posted it, trust me


This, the consolidated international version featuring all the vocalists.


I love that one as well! In whatever language it is in it’s simply a great song.


It’s not. Pretty sure it’s Dreamworks. At least current iteration for sure is.



Here is one from the iconic game


Utada Hikaru is one of my favourite! (Yet I prefer the original version of Simple and clean).