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Some help some times I posted a ticket for temple raid proper avatar collection and pg helped nicely but then I had another problem from long ago when claiming necryx evolution stones from the branch rewards I’d get rune dust instead of the proper stone pg fixed most of that but a few days ago I reached arcanum to tier and woah seems I didn’t get that stone was a long time ago but I lived necryx and thought I’d finished the branch so I tacked this issue in the same support ticket and asked pg if they could look into the situation … the reply I got back wasn’t cohesive and to my latest query just the normal so glad we could help solve the issue. … the issue wasn’t solved it was ignored I think this part may be racist but it was like the guy who helped last didn’t English well

Ok so, we need to get some things straight.
Did you fully claim the original line or the resurrection line for necryx? Sounds like the resurrection line with the rune dust but just want to make sure. That would be the only line you’d be able to get the arcanum stone if you indeed have completed that line you should have it, if not message them in the same ticket its not resolved with ss if you havent already.

It was along time ago the original ticket for necryx es’ stones was closed after I had received the right stone it was a glitch in the resurrection branch at the time it would award rune dust instead of certain stone I am not sure if I completed the branch I was asking pg if they could double check

When in the branch it would look like the stone but it wouldn’t show up in the dragons inventory I never checked to see if I got the last one just assumed pg had fixed it all

I’mi think the biggest problem is I don’t remember if I had finished the branch or not and I can’t explain very clearly the problem it has s annoy ing to me but not pgs fault if they are not exceptional at interpreting me I suspect my issue will go away it hardly matters much set up flying has become archaic they don’t make complimentary dragons anymore

If you’re looking for a setup dragon this season legendary sorcerer is much better for that.

As to if they can check if you completed the line during the season, that i do not know if they can see that info. Best to message @dragonpunch probably.

Thanks paper

Some one. got back to me and helped tremendously my English lmostly the problem Just a heads up pg asked me if I could address one problem a ticket and that would help me solve any confusion I think you had mentioned this as well

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