Posting Cheat/Hacks

Probably NOT the best idea but at the same time it does draw awareness to just HOW easy it is and how rampant it can be. I am hoping PG takes a look at it and gets their shit in order. There are so many issues with the game and a lot of them have been around for months/years. The cost of the game keeps going up and if it is not going towards any kind of security improvements or bug fixes then where the hell is it all going? I think we all know.

In any case…they SHOULD be able to reverse engineer that one and hopefully they do another mass sweep of everyone who used anything like that. But as @Grumpybigbird , idk wtf people are thinking when you have the client tell the server what is right when the client is usually the thing people are hacking -____-


Lol :man_facepalming:

Did he really just post a video on how to do it?

Twice. I mean, PG better ban that specific one. And fast

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Some people are just stuck on stupid

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Does that include the engineers who designed this system?

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I need the in game Pan Hummer


This one needs an urgent fix. Like others have said it seems silly that this was even possible.

Hopefully the person who did this “hack” in the video is swiftly panned as well.

At the very least. He’s literally showing PG their weakness so they can fix it :man_shrugging:

If so, isn’t it better to pm Jared (or other staff) directly?

It is for sure. Trying to find the silver lining but things are pretty broken overall.

If PG’s security is so bad that such client hack can mess with the game, we need to blame Campuslifer :sweat_smile:

PM the staff and they dont reply, i have messaged several cheaters which can be seem from miles away but no response and they are still exploting the game, i can put those ss on forums too, then few people just pops up saying start witchhunt and bulshit :man_facepalming:t2: I mean it can be clearly seen they are doing nothing but hacking game but PG does nada ! Hackers are enjoying the game when real legit players are getting pushed down more and more by PG. If anyone wanna see those screenshots i can pm :man_shrugging:t2:

Overall, its a bunch of bullshit from both sides. It is killing the fun of the game among other things.

It surely is when you see a hacker is hacking for whole event and you are busting your ass off, And they hacked account when ?? When rewards are being sent out aka event end, no one cares what that account had been doing all week.

It was on a garbage account; the guy was advertising it, just poorly disguised as a report.

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