Pot Of Gold Pack

5 Bronze Chest
10 Gold Chest
20 30% dragon HP boost
5 500k xp pots
1 Mythic Dark Flak Attack

$19.99 USD


Yes :slight_smile:

Only if you value the rune so much.

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I think this is the first time I’ve seen a rune in a pack. But $20 for a rune, even a mythic dark flak rune…

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It’s not the rune but those awesome xp pots that have all the value… I bet I could get 1 or 2 levels on a dragon with those for only $20. :ghost::ghost::ghost:

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Put an avatar of irish legend elf *what it is called i forgot the green magical creatur with luck. Then ill buy it

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No leprechaun or potato portrait? Missed opportunity

Corthanak or Aibrean Knight would have also been cool

It’s schite. Not worth it.

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I agree, there should be a gremlin or leprechaun portrait, that would make me buy it :grin:

I think it should be half price.
Wasn’t St Pats day last week. Like on the 17th?

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Does anyone know the stats on the dark flak attack glyph? I can’t find it anywhere. :frowning:

Didnt buy it so Im not sure if the secondary is the same or something different but the dark flak attack caps out at 5%


its the same as you linked. 5% att and 2.2% speed

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