Potential Bug/Issue with Equestor's Thunderbolt

I’ve searched the forums to see if this has been pointed out elsewhere and I’m not seeing anything, so I thought I would go ahead and post about something I’ve observed.

We recently got access to Atlas, and the Invader bases that come with it. What I’ve noticed is that Equestor’s Thunderbolt spell does not destroy towers in their entirety on this base.

But why is that odd, you might ask? Allow me to explain…

My Equestor is level 45, the last level of Garnet before I can evolve to Emerald at 46. I have Kayla, max level, all gear. My Invader base, like my own base level, is 198, with level 42 towers. I can take Equestor into the Invader base with no boosts on (57M attack power), and a single Thunderbolt will take all of the towers it hits down to nearly no health, but it does not destroy them. Either the familiar needs to hit them, or the swipe attack needs to hit them, but they are not completely destroyed. Judging the optics of the health bar on the tower after the spell hits, they can’t have more than 1% of their health left.

Ok, cool. Just put on the 30% attack boost; great idea! Attack power is now 75M. With a 30% increase in attack power, I should see the towers that were previously left with a tiny bit of health falling before the might of my two-headed-horse-dragon, right?

No. Exact same effect. Thunderbolt hits all towers, all towers still have just a tiny sliver of health left.

Now, I don’t have enough background or skill to be troubleshooting this issue beyond what I’ve already done. I went and tried to find a non-Atlas base to attack where I could simulate the effect, but nobody uses archer towers, ballistas, and cannons (weird, right?). I did find someone’s base that had a bunch of level 42 towers on it (dark flaks, fire turrets, and mage towers), and the Thunderbolt was able to rip through some of that; but the tower HP for elite towers is different from the tower HP for those basic towers. So it’s hard to tell whether or not Thunderbolt is behaving differently in Atlas attacks than in normal attacks. I also can’t say whether or not Chain Lightning has the same problem.

So anyway, that’s the issue I’ve noticed. Not sure if others have seen similar things with either Equestor or other dragons with Thunderbolt (like Borgian), or if others have seen it with Chain Lightning. I also don’t know if there is some mechanic I’m unaware of that would make this a “working as intended” situation. Just thought I’d throw it out there for conversation.

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His thunderbolt is hypothetically based on base HP, which means adding health/attack boosts wouldn’t have any effect on it.

I too have noticed some atlas towers seem to be weaker than other atlas towers, almost like some towers were boosted, while others weren’t.
Were the core game towers you compared them too boosted or unboosted?


Oh yeah, I forgot that it’s tied to his HP…that would answer that question I suppose. I know I was having the same problem when he was level 43 and 44, but I didn’t record it and so I don’t have any evidence or data.

Nice catch though! Thanks!

Yup spells are based off base HP.

I find the same thing when leveling my hunters sometimes, but it’s strictly attack # based. For instance icicle without Kayla (for XP) takes a tiny smidge over 3 hits to kill, but then i either put a rider on with a slight attack boost (+5%) and it’s down to 3 shots or i level him up a level and he is down to 3 shots. It’s just the fact that you are on the cusp of killing the towers.

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