Potential issue with chat and resources

This may be a me problem but I am currently having to close wardragons down in order to get chats to update at all. This is lc, gc and tc.

I am also unable to get resources to count towards egg token missions. I get the resources but it doesn’t count.

Is this a me thing or do others have this right now? I will have a ticket in shortly

server might be upgrading to version 4.10 as we speak.

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I do have same issue with chat really annoying

Yep me too and can’t join runs or see invites either.

Ahh the update. That makes sense. I’ll be honest I wasn’t aware of the dates. Guess I’ll just let it update overnight and see how it is tomorrow
Good shout mate. Thanks

I have the same thing, but weirdly it only happens when I’m on wifi. Can’t join runs, people can’t join me, chat does not update. But if I connect with 4G instead of wifi, it all works again.

It makes sense that this is update-related, but I’m worried that there’s something about 4.10 that’s not playing nice with my router.

Yes the game is non functional can’t get invites to join, chat not updating, resources not resolving spinning wheel, token missions not registering resources gained.

If it’s is PG messing about with the servers why on earth don’t they send a mail warning there may be problems?
How hard is it?

Seems to be fixing itself. Definitely PG not our devices or connections.

Might be something in the routing of connections. The weird thing is I only have this issue on wifi, as soon as I switch to 4G everything works perfectly again.

Probably best for me to just get some sleep and see if it has fixed itself in the morning…

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