Potential phishing scam be warned!

Our low activity members are getting this message from Nipun DaPhoenixWolf

Seems like you are less active,I don’t what the reason is,But if you are losing interest or busy with work can you share your account untill your active again?I will just play like my account and if you think Iam a cheater or so you change password of pocket I’d anytime because it’s linked to gmail or so.Current mine is low and that’s the reason Iam asking you. Nipun

how would he know if your members are showing as low active?

No thats not normal… its phishing.


Report it in-game; tell your members to include screenshots and keep the mail.

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screenshot it and take it to support just so they can document it.

I have no idea. The higher levels got a invite to join. The lower levels to let him play their account. I just checked the guy out. He is level 28

Not normal, screams scam. In order for him/her to play their account he would need their password which would also allow him/her access to change the password and email. Not to mention it is against tos. Oh yeah, and if they have any billing info stored…

Don’t do it, report it, block that player. Run screaming!

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that’s going to be an unauthorized account sharing if the other player that receives it gave consent without asking PG.

result would most likely a ban on both account. If not, then a chat/mail ban i think would be given (permanent or temporary)

I reported it. They just mailed me back they will investigate. I warned all of our players. All I can do right now. This sucks…

Please change your thread title to “potential phishing scam be warned!”

I would do it for you but Jared removed my ability to do that… :disappointed:


You mean I wasn’t suppose to give that nice man all my info? But he was so charming, i couldn’t refuse.

And he said he was a Nigerian prince that would buy me all the dragons and a maxed out base.

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