Potential suggestions to get more players maybe

I think the game would benefit from implementing more social things into the game. Maybe have like a friends list with notifications when your friends come online, maybe a whisper feature too to communicate between people on the list. Also maybe a general chat for all players and levels to communicate on with some kind of distinction like by region (US, Europe, Asia). Also why not implement pvp that is dragon vs dragon? Idk, bored at work and just thinking out loud.


Would probably break the game lol but some of the features you’ve suggested do seem neat!

  1. Marketing that isn’t 3 seasons outdated
  2. A genuine overhaul that unifies and simplifies the two main parts of the game and the 57 currencies into something that doesn’t require a thesis paper in order to explain to new players
  3. A handful of minor QOL improvements, such as increased drop rates

The “solution” to fixing war dragons is NOT making the game more complicated.


But how many times have you and Malik suggested that and PG just doesn’t bat an eye and ignores it?

Let’s start with something small

Let us be able to chat during defense and let us able to chat in event screen
Let us access messages in atlas…


I’m confused why a lot of simple things like that aren’t implemented already? I’m kind of new to the game and the forums and I see a ton of hate from players towards the devs and I kind of just shrugged it off as ranting but is there some truth to the notion that pocket gems is just extremely laissez faire when it comes to their game? Like they pretty much just do enough to get by?

The one thing that most people say keeps them in the game despite ongoing frustrations is the social aspect - so your suggestions have merit, I think.

However, I’m not sure what it takes for community based suggestions to get on a action list - they ask every year, and many of the same suggestions are given year after year. The apparent lack of responsiveness is what engenders the frustration a lot of players express. I wouldn’t go so far as to say “hate”. Well, except for Bo, that is.