Potrait from great contest like dreadnought potrait

How did that portraits come? What’s mean by won through great contest?

The top 5 diamond teams in events over a period of time were given the opportunity to design a custom portrait to be distributed to members of their team. I can’t remember the dates but the events were just normal ones. There were a few other special prizes but those were kinda forgotten about. I am quite sure these will never be given out except to people on those teams but there’s a lot of player interest in running the contest again

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Dragongasm was one of those teams.

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It was December 2015. I think it might have run a week or two into January but I don’t think so.


YES we so need dregs and vandals and captains and thralls Andy knights and acolytes and ogres and all the cabal And vex. And taken.

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Really nice!

You do realise this is from a game on Xbox And PS right?

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Destiny is my ish!!! :tada:

LOL it used to be good. But like nobody likes Callus…

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