Practical Tips needed for Glory Hunting


You won’t get 1500 glory in the first example as they wiped your base. What I’m trying to balance is at what point within the range of results where you get maximum glory (that is, attacker:defender ratio from 2:1 to 10:1) do you also maximise troop revive rate.

From the discussions above, that looks to be as close to 2:1 as possible. For attacking, that means something like using 2/3 dragons to clear 100%. For defending that means allowing attacker to kill ~50-60% of your base.


in brief, we have to defend/attack badly in order to get well result. If we do too well, we would get less outcome. This is where makes the confusion


Well if your goal is 2:1 and you have a base that drops folks at ~9% you will kill them with 10:1 which isn’t bad glory but it’s slow going (lots of battles need to happen)

In the defending situation you might kill the first two dragons and let the third go free to hopefully get close to 50%. Again it’s not better glory per troop lost, but it’s gettig more per battle by sacrificing more troops.

In the attack sense your primarch May have a 2:1 advantage as it is, so if you get 5 flames you will end up 4:1. You would get more glory on that battle if you instead swapped at the end so you used 3 dragons. (Getting 1x bonus and keeping natural 2:1)

So nerf being to reduce your effectiveness in killing troops.


No. This is what I keep trying to say

Because killing your troops is spending a resource, most people’s goal is to get as much glory per troop lost as possible.

That in mind, I say again. 2:1 or better is identical glory, but as you get higher than 2:1 you will get less glory per attack, but still the same amount per troop lost.

The most optimal situation is to get an exact 2:1 ratio (or as close as you can get) as it’s the most glory possible per single attack.

Yes it’s a bit counter intuitive and I think most would agree it needs more work.



I don’t nerf my battles except in cases where enemy troops are hard to find or it’s otherwise overwhelming attack. I mostly just let it destroy as many troops as it can. And towards the end of the season when time is a bigger factor i sometimes do.


I think the msiconception here is wanting max revive rate. You dont.

Unless you need revives for an event score- other than that you always want to 5 flame assuming you are hitting at least 2x ratios.

Glory farming should still aim to weaken the opponent. This is done by killing his troops


It’s two things.

  1. revive rate makes it seem like you want to get revives. And as you said it’s not better in any way.
  2. due to the limit of 1.5x troops lost, both sides get glory punished when someone gets a 10:1 attack making it seem as if it’s not better. But again like you said it’s almost always better to kill more troops. (If time is a factor this can matter though)


This is really really hard for me to get through my skull. I can understand it when we are fighting to take over a castle or defending our own castle and we obviously want to kill as many enemy troops as possible (while saving as many of our own troops as possible) during those times. So there is no other way to do that than to go for max glory (and min revive). But once those bloody battles are over I’m always left with a TON of permanently dead troops and it takes me forever to rebuild.

But when I’m out just glory hunting in NML and there are no big fights going on for the team- it seems like it makes more sense to go for max revive (or a reduced glory). Here’s why: I can bring those back much quicker than permanently dead troops and be back to my original troop level and ready to fight for the team again. Because if I lose too many troops permanently when I’m out glory hunting then I might find myself down too many troops and unable to recover quickly enough if we get attacked by an enemy. Does that make sense?

I’m not saying that I’m following this philosophy yet. It goes against every instinct not to try to win every battle. lol
But I have been thinking about it for a while… am I totally off-base?
And what about the fact that I can revive 5 X faster than I can build new troops? So theoretically I can go out and kill those troops again 5 times in the time that I could rebuild the permanently dead ones. Doesn’t that make up for the fact that I’m getting worse glory? Just thinking out loud. Or am I getting more than 5X worse glory to make up for that? I do know that only 33% of the troops are getting permanently killed but at that point the math is getting too much for me… :joy::joy::joy:


I meant revives, you are correct as usual, I was confusedicated.



The bottom line is basically troops have a max glory potential. Once that is reached they are not revivable.

You arent getting more glory by reviving them over and over by doing bad battles - you got less glory to start with. (Than 1.5x) OR you had to use your hats to revive, instead of building new troops so your total troop count is lower.

That single troop will never give you more than 4.2 glory no matter how many times you try. (That used to be the number I havent remathed it lately)

By maxing your ratios you get in good habits (aka flying well), you minimize revives - which means you can instead use hats to actually expand your total troop count instead of constantly trying to just get back to where you were.

If you do this day in and day out, at the end of the season you will have more troops more glory and weaker opponents.

On d4 of the season you will probably have less glory though


Gox is playing the long game, and rightly so. Also given he’s Dread he gets the added benefit of directly weakening his team’s direct opponents when glory hunting.

For us plebs, if time is a factor, I would still advocate to try to aim for 2:1 as often as possible. Just my 2c.


base on my own experience, 55% is the right number


I wish someone would tell that to the level 450s attacking my base in NML. :joy::joy::joy:


Given how hard it is to find anything to attack in Atlas, you can’t really be picky on what you attack. As long as it isn’t more than 30-40 lvls above you its probably worth having a go at. Otherwise you’ll only be hitting one or two bases a week if your lucky.


I think im lost. There seems to be more targets than troops


Gordon must be talking about Castles, not on NML. It can be difficult for lower lever players to find targets during castle attacks at times. But there are plenty of targets in NML if you know where to look. Have you tried Aligane, Gordon? Coordinates are -245, -172. It’s sort of an unspoken spot where people who are looking for glory come to hang out.


Morning - sorry I should have said. It was NML i was meaning. I’ve never taken part in a castle attack so not sure what’s available in one of those. I’ve just had a very quick look online and in the dozen or so NML near our castle there is 3 people - which is pretty much record numbers, but all too high to hit.

This has been pretty much my experience for the whole time I’ve had atlas - pvp targets are very hard to find, ones low enough to hit exceedingly so. As I’ve said, maybe one or two a week if I’m lucky. Even those have been a push given atlas gets defended for some reason far more than the normal game.
Its made glory and rider xp especially the hardest part so far of atlas.

Hadn’t heard of that before so haven’t tried there. Rather a long walk (20 minutes) but might be worth a shot just to get some glory and rider xp. Will have look tonight and see if there is anyone there.


Morning. Just a follow up to that, and possibly the wrong place to ask but… are there any other zones like Aligane? Or a list of them hidden somewhere? Just wondering if there is anything closer than 20 minutes away. Or areas reserved for different player lvls.


None as big as alligane but there are a lot of areas that are popular enough.

Aligane was made famous due to its geography at the time of an expansion. Name is easy to say, it was nearby everyone, it can be found easily…

I’m thinking one on the north side of the map is needed. Nobody seems to go there yet but I’m considering seeing if I can make Hydrenane famous. (622,708.7) It’s got a big open space, is centrally located to the north, has geography that makes it easy to spot (intersection along with size) … it has 4 castles so folks can separate by size into those 4… the only less than ideal but is that it’s name isn’t as memorable.

But I think the the missing bit is the need for folks to show up. Sort of seeding the area.


Hi, thanks for that. I found it alright and it is a lot closer to home - only a 2 minute walk. But yeah, no one there when I looked. I’ll start leaving my trapper there when it needs more xp. Make a small contribution towards getting people using it.