Practical Tips needed for Glory Hunting


I’ll come look see :eyes:


I’m confused on revive rate. I just lost 7500 troops and got at most 5000 revives. (I don’t know the exact number of revives before the attack. My revive pool is not full.) This was not a five flame attack, it was a total fail. From what I’ve read here I would expect 100% of these poor guys to be revivable.

What am I missing?


You can only revive 100% as a defender, attacker can revive 60% of troops lost iirc.


so this is wrong (or changed)? it certainly doesn’t match this latest attack. I haven’t watched my revive rate carefully enough to know about other cases.


I haven’t done much attacking, so I’ll let others answer that. But for defending I’m pretty sure you can always revive 100%. I’ve done a lot of Aligane-sitting, sometimes getting completely obliterated by emerald dragons, sometimes defending well and barely taking damage, and each and every time I’ve had 100% revivable troops.


Were you attacker or defender?


This is still correct for revives…

Care to share your latest attack? It matches all of mine.

The best and worst are decided by flames so it’s not tied to how badly you lost troops or how much glory. It’s strickly based on flames. (Defender revives May actually be based on loss ratio, but I’ve never tested, and it should be pretty close)

As a defender it’s possible to get 100% instead of 99% when the attacker gets 5 flames on you.

Changes are being talked about which hopefully make it more intuitive.


It is certainly not correct for revives when defending. I haven’t seen a single defense with less than 100% revivable since I got atlas (last rollout), and attackers have varied from five flames to zero and everything inbetween.


Can you prove it?

Everyone who says that has had incorrect assumptions so far… You can’t see your revives. You need a completely empty pool to test it. Ive also tested it somewhat recently.

Most defends end up being 5 flames against you unless you have a monster base, so you end up seeing 100% more often than not. That being said it’s very possible changes could have been made without being communicated. Without knowing all the details we are all just speculating. I do not expect them to increase revives on defend though. That’s counter to discussion points.

I will say there was a big defend I took part in recently, which after I definitely did not have 100% on all defends, but I was much closer to my original troop count that I felt I should be, so maybe something did change.


Gonna try to test it soon. I don’t have a monster base, but my charmingly fun-sized level attracts a lot of bad mid-200 flyers who don’t measure the defense power against the tower levels (someone smart once told me to do that :smiley: ). Getting attacked by someone who fails to 5-flame shouldn’t be a problem.


Aw. Some adorable 147 with a sieger decided to sacrifice 4000 troops for science. :confused: Wasn’t how I intended for this to go. Result: 400 of my guys died, 267 revives; 600 glory; seems to be working as intended. (66% revive rate minimum.)

I think the confusion may be from imperfect results? My reading of the mechanics is that revive ratios are based on attack performance (5/4/3 flames or percentage if <100%), but stat advantages can alter the actual kill ratio. Not sure about that, though, so please don’t rely on this information.


This is it.
Revives are solely based on how many flames you achieve. It has nothing to do with primarch stats, troop imbalance etc.


Thanks for confirming.

I also asked PG and they said no changes have been made and would like to see specifics on any that don’t work correctly.


Okay, I think that explains people’s confusion, then. With sufficient stat discrepancies, it’s possible to still hit the optimal 2:1 cutoff while performing “imperfectly” and getting >66% revives.


Correct. If you have a 1.3x on stat advantage (sieger vs destroyer for instance) and 4 flame (1.5:1 ratio) then you still end up with an overall 2:1 kill ratio but different revives than someone who did 5 flames


Yup. Exactly right. I think defends might have a slightly different performance metric. That is to say they may not care about flames so much as troop loss ratio. I’ve never really plotted out the entire revive results for all flames and stuff from a defending point. But that metric will almost always yield the same or very similar results.



Guess I should try flying worse or just swapping repeatedly.


Yes. Exactly. This is one of the discussion points earlybirds currently has around revives being confusing as they are.

Take a sieger vs sieger attack and the player attacking can actually do very poorly and still get more kills than losses due to troop ratio and get high revives.

Alternatively if you attack with a rusher vs anything but sieger and 5-flame it you can get terrible revives but also get horrible troop loss with 5 flame battles.

It’s confusing for many that the mechanic “rewards” you at times that you haven’t done well. So I expect changes will be made.


If you get less than somewhere around 31% it stops using primarch ratios and starts using fixed ratios. (1:10 is less than 10% I believe)

So keep it above whatever that line is and yes.


Stay out of Aligane unless you are over lvl 300 ( unless you are just looking for troops to revive ) I’ve lost 25k troops there for less than 2k glory.