Practical Tips needed for Glory Hunting


Come baaaaack. :smiling_imp:


I’ve earned 1.5m glory from there this season :man_shrugging:, at a rough cost of 1-1.2m troops.


Sounds like an exaggeration right there. Im racking my brain trying to think just how terribly you would have to attack for this to happen.

  • hit with a rusher
  • hit someone way under your level (50% glory)
  • completely fail the multiple attacks
  • hit a super high level rusher

We’re all of those true?


Or perhaps a low level fully loaded sieger which got attacked by a high level sieger with no-one defending?


^that’s what I was thinking. I made the mistake of bringing my sieger to aligane once when I first started atlas. Never again.


Both would have to be silver siegers at least for him to lose 25k in one attack.

And at a ratio overall of 25/2/1.5 which is like an overall of 18:1


The problem with Aligane is , if I go with a Seiger I’m attacked almost the second I get there, I put around 3.5k troops on it per attack,I usually Lose my troops while I’m attacking,so my Successful attack gets zero glory because I now have zero troops,at the end of my attack it says I was attacked,my primarch has been freed, and I earned 300 glory,
I do better with my Trapper there, but I need glory for my Seiger, and randomly traveling from red zone to red zone is useless, usually if I find someone to hit, by the time I get there, they’ve been hit,and I have a lvl 400 Destroyer waiting for me :joy:,


I’ll bet you travel directly to aligane from your home base.

I’ve timed myself. Less than 2mins in and out by staging at safe zone next to aligane. I rarely get attacked.


I make my home the safe zone right next to it


Not sure then. Time yourself. How long does it take you to go in, run then get out?


Primarchs move around so much it’s hard to find the person from the regular view screen, and if I go to the details menu to find them from the primarch screen, I’m hit while I’m in that menu,but I can park my Trapper there for an hour sometimes before I’m hit,I DON’T GET IT!!
they don’t get very good Glory hitting my Seiger ( I don’t think )


You seem to be doing everything right, so not sure why you keep getting hit.

You’re picking your target before you go into aligane right?


Yes,but they are usually not in the same spot when I get there, with the number of Primarchs moving in and out It takes a few seconds to locate them again,I NEVER attack a Seiger in NML, it’s like they are targeting MY Seiger for some reason :joy::joy:,my team rules won’t let me Bubble castles,my friend on another team can hit anyone not on their list,he has completed Swan and 3 pieces of Elite gear doing that,I have just completed the first page of Swan hitting in NML…


You must have extremely bad luck then. I’ve finished 5 lines all from aligane.


I max out in Troop training events :joy:
I just get Crap glory for all my Dead troops :man_shrugging:t4:



My last 8 runs :man_shrugging:


I am one of those trappers that sits in NML and waits for siegers to stroll in and i hit them ASAP. It gives me a great glory rate without using a sieger to hit yours which would give a way better ratio but is way less efficient at obtaining glory myself.

I have dozens of pages of screenshots just like grumpy but mine are all with my trapper hitting siegers as they come in lol. And all provide the exact same glory ratios as the above attacks :slight_smile:


I am not as skilled with my sieger, but most of the time Aligane still works for me


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