Practice Bases?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but are practice bases a thing? I have the lists of xp farms, chest bases, mission bases, etc… but I’m looking for hard bases that I can use to practice flying for wars. I know, I know… that’s every base that I attack for RSS and event runs. :joy: But I’m trying to learn some tricky spells and I’d like to be able to try the same base over and over again without ticking off the owner. lol
Just curious if there were any out there I could use without having to inconvenience someone in LC. :slight_smile:

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What level are you looking for? I don’t mind you using my base for that

I would like to know the same thing I don’t want to hit the smaller bases and use them like guinea pigs

I second this! 210 here if you need practice.

She doesn’t want XP Bases…

As OP said and luffy reiterated, she doesn’t want xp bases, plus mals isn’t an xp base anymore.

if you are 70s you can use my base level 67. Should work fine unless its Necryx

Why not just pick a tough base from matchmaker?

Flying a specific base over and over you learn it. Most of the time in war you will fly it once or twice unless it is really tough or way above your level. IMHO it is better to learn how to get better against random layouts vs just one layout.

Lol don’t go to coach’s base. It’s a trap.


I’m level 208 so I’m really looking for mid to high 200 bases, if not 300. But I will definitely try Coach’s because his is more like the size I’m allowed to hit in war anyway. lol!
Plus, it’s super hard for his level.
Not sure what level you are, Shadow, but I will check you out too if you don’t mind??
thanks, guys!!

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I am 285, knock yourself out

Fly on by, 200.

Edit: prolly not much of a challenge for you though. Still paying for going too long early on :man_facepalming:

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