Pre-Casted SS. Hmm

What if players are allowed to precast supershots on their bases? Like You can setup specific triggers of SS on your towers . Even just 5 SS.

Just to make undefended bases more challenging?

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Then what would happen if someone defended? Are your 5 preset supershots negated? Or does it act like 2 defenders? Or if you defend yourself, those still go off and you can launch more?

Seems like a nonissue.

This seems like a bad idea for many reasons, the first that comes to mind is the AI. If you do use a 5 pre setup, then does that mean the AI doesn’t activate? I’d rather the bad AI use all my supershots and not be limited to 5. And what about when a dragon dies but the preset towers were also destroyed, what gets activated then? Finally and more personally, the bad AI gives low level players like me a chance to take on higher level opponents, which we don’t often get otherwise.

you only get your supershots when you defend. Your AI does not get more ss just because it’s your base. It’s not your AI. Everybody’s AI is the same algorithm and same amount of ss. Plus, if you can fly the defended, I don’t see this being a huge problem

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Those u mentioned goes with the idea of my pre - cast, I thought it would be matically understood that ofcourse precast wont be activated with active defenders and that of SS will be transferred to other towers if pre-set towers are destroyed.
Like tony said, people can even fly a good base even with defenders, without defenders its really like i would say “easy “ to kill, so I dont see problems dealing with towers with accurate activation of SS.

Really? I could of sworn that I’ve fought and seen several AI use 5+ SuperShots, but if you say so. I guess that makes the AI even worse than I initially thought. Still don’t support the idea of presets, it’d basically make every undefended base a defended base, when the whole point of undefended bases is that they are supposed to be slightly easier to hit. It’s not just high level players who benefit from this, anyone could theoretically hit any players undefended base

And makes worse long bases even worserer. :clown_face:

Ya, really. Although there is a glitch if a defender joins and uses his supershots, he leaves and the base magically gets more supershots to mess with the same drgaon. Sometimes when i run out of supershots i quit after dropping shield and swords and let the glitch work against the attacker.

Base defense also include shield sword and hammers, which makes it a ton more difficult to clear. If it was only supershots, attacking defended bases would be a lot easier.

It’s true that anyone could hit any base, but some bases should take considerably MORE effort to get a successful hit. Plus, hitting when sitting there for about 2 seconds knowing mages likely wont shoot is not a great practice after all.

If preset is implemented, it’ll force everybody to take flying a bit more seriously, which is pretty sweeeeeet on both sides

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I actually like this idea but I think ‘they’ would need to re-calculate how the xp for a base is done.
I’m level 108. I can attack a bad long base say level 110 and 2m defence and get max xp and clear it with 1eye closed (maybe both eyes with kinn). Then there’s a level 130 short base with maybe 10m defence and I can get maybe half or 2/3 of max xp. That don’t make no sense to me…
Of course with precast SS you then know every DF you see is likely supercharged right after those couple mages and next to that storm… just after you pass the rage drain and cop one there too.
Actually thinking about it if they rescaled the xp then you’d be more likely to attack harder bases to get max xp anyway, rather than having to use farms all day long

Edit: what if you were able to activate 1 precast SS per island (set of 5). That would encourage people to build longer bases? Probably not actually…

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Perhaps, give 4-5 preset SS (each turn) which are active only if the owner doesn’t join defense (in place of the base owner).

While it’s true that preset SS can make a base more difficult to beat, it’s difficulty is far less than when an actual defender join the defense due to tower boosts and hammers

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If I can just ‘program’ my base to defend itself, I have no incentive to defend.

It’s a neat idea, but I really don’t think this should be implemented.

Running out of defense consumables? Or you only need supershot to win…

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just improves the AI, thats all.

I have seen this before as well. I don’t usually drop unless it’s obvious I cannot win, since as Tony said, the biggest strength of a live defender is in the consumables.


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