Pre-fort Crisis!

Hey guys Aegmon here!

I need some good advice on tomorrow’s fort as I am currently lvl 46 and I haven’t build a dark flak yet since I was hoping on spending the elemental embers when fort comes. Sad thing is DF got super nerfed now sooooo should I still build my DF? Or what? Heeeelp :neutral_face:

I ws going to level up my DF, but now i will use the few thiusand xpshards i have to make an ice turret. Kill that stupispd Necryx

Don’t do ANYTHING until PG unfucks this situation. Those shards are valuable. If you have to build something when event starts, upgrade storage or a storm or a mage. They’ll always be useful.


Nec’s shield absorbs the ice flak super shot, and also, the ice turret no longer nerfs hunter fire.

Seriously guys, DO NOT BUILD with shards/embers until PG straightens this out.

I need another red mage. I have like 8k in fire shards, always use another of them

8k isn’t near enough to get your turrets or flaks to any decent level…

its already at 24, I am a level 84 base. Gotta keep climbing those towers

You should just build it. Nothing is going to be done about this anyways.

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