Pre-Team Jump Notification?

so…I’m sure somebody will say I’m crazy and wouldn’t want this to be done in anyway…but here it goes.

Currently we have no idea if a member or members applying outside of the clan and planning to jump, and more than often that a player or players will be pulled during whenever, the worse is during war time or when officers and leader not being on line, then bam you got 584678 wars on your hand that you have very little chance to win…unless the other team can not 250.

So, is there any possibility on adding some sort of notifications to the managements of the clan ( lead and officers) and letting them know somebody in the clan applies to a different team? an email maybe like the ones we get when a member is kicked off for being inactive?

The reason for suggesting this for one so that teams don’t get caught with their pants off while missing a member, also, it alerts the management and gives them an opportunity to find out why the member is planning to jump and maybe try to fix things with the member.

Yes I do understand it may resulting management kicking people off the clan before their application is finalized with the other team, but being in a team game, a heads up is some what appreciated? like giving two weeks notice before you jumping to a new job? :rofl::rofl::rofl: just my two cents. :man_shrugging:

I don’t like the idea. But it would be nice if leaders got an email when someone leaves…

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so…what is the point of getting an email after they already left? trying to win them back? LOL

If you get a notification as it happens you have a better chance of being able to bring in another player or an alt before the war declarations start raining in.


if a team leader is toxic, when he receives that a player has applied to another team, he will most likely kick him during events to say that he deserves it for trying to leave the team.

This wouldn’t matter to most teams tbh. Any team worth a crap wants to talk to you before you apply anyways. And even then they want you teamless before they take you. I fail to see how this would help at all.

that is a point I already mentioned on my last paragraph, if a team is toxic, would you really care if they do kick you? also, a person applying doesn’t necessary need to apply during event time. they shouldn’t consider jumping team during events anyways.

well for me its not since I have other games to play.

However, if you are dedicated on this game, being unable to receive a reward because someone kicked you before waiting for the team rewards to kick in would be stressful. Even as little as 100 sigils and some few items is still needed for those divine dragons or dragon riders.

There are people that does that. They contact the other team and say to wait for another reply before being accepted. It’s just an advance application to save 1 minute of your time.

you are looking at the view from the team taking the member in, I am talking about the point of view from the team a member is being pulled. majority of teams still have people jumping without notifying team lead or officers, happens more so in Plat and under, some sapphire teams as well, hence leaving a spot open without knowing. hence wars are declared on.

so your point of view it is ok for a member to jump whenever without the team lead and officers knowing, only to come back and realize 58378 wars are declared on because other teams see you missing a spot.

well that goes for both side really.

You just have to communicate with your team mates for these types of situation. A team will get fked up due to a member and another one would be a member gets fked up due to the team leader.

Some would result in multiple attacks because a player left the team. Some would attack the team leader because of a rumor that the kicked member has spread on a new team.

It’s really hard to find a good solution when the issue is the person itself (not implying anyone here).

You could just set a rule that before a player join your team, applying to other team would need a heads up so that a replacement can be prepared.

well, this is why I created this suggestion thread, having an email notification sent to leader and officers so they know in advance that somebody is applying outside, so they can either prepare or do some damage control, you can set your rules all you want. not all 50 people follows. :man_shrugging:

If you own a company, wouldn’t you want to know that your best employees are thinking to jump ship?

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No, it’s so you know you need to get someone right away before you get declared on. This would apply when someone gets pulled, or if they quit, or if they are banned.

I don’t agree with the idea of giving team leaders the ability to detect if you are applying to another team. That’s the players business. What matters is when they team is suddenly at 49/50.

by the time you check your email and knowing they jump that’s already too late. if you were on line while they jump, then what is the point of the email? notification in TC will show they left. My suggestion is exactly that, to avoid 49/50

This will never happen.

What’s worse? 49 suffer in dropping leagues or 1 person under one certain condition loses a team prize? I’m not sure why it seems very easy to pick one side and not the other. Whether leader is toxic or not, there still are 49 other people in team. forgot about them?

Not for or against the proposal. But i dont think the reason should be what you stated. At least not as an easy pick as that.

If the guys want to leave i dont see the problem…he just has to wait before applying to another team…!

Could be a nice add-on to the game, but pretty sure it wont solve any problem…the person who want to leave will just wait to be ready to leave before applying to another team…!

that is actually a very good point, people can just apply mins before they are being pulled. :thinking: gonna need a different idea, but you get my point.

This is exactly why @MikesGoN2GetU 's idea was so good.

Not bashing you - I think it was very good to start a topic about it to get some good ideas flowing. :+1:

I agree … maybe leaders and officers can have notifications, even when the game is closed, on when a member leaves or is auto-kicked. They can log on quickly and load an alt before war is declared on them.