Pre-War Attack Exploit


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The pre-War attack exploit where a player can start their war attack before Wars start and end it after war start time meaning their attack will count as war attack but opponent won’t get chance to Defend as war defence.

This has been going on a long time. My team doesn’t use this dodgy as hell tactic but many teams do.

There has been confusing information from PG on this tactic. In the past it was kind of like “its part of the game” even though not intended and now ticket responses would suggest otherwise. It should be considered an exploit, plain and simple but it’s hard imo for PG to start suspending players or teams for it without an announcement in game clearly stating PG views this tactic as a cheat.

Here’s one ticket response (not mine) someone posted in Line. PGJared or CampusLifer can you please provide some final clarity on this tactic and how PG views it and what if anything will be done about it.

Attacking before war starts

We don’t start our attack (pressing the attack button after choosing target) until 5 seconds after the war starts! :joy::joy::joy:


Can’t wait to see an official answer on this.


Yes. Hopefully pg don’t ignore this topic.


the higher you go in leagues the more people use it. in diamond it becomes common practice. this should be a fairly easy thing to patch. pg might be considering to fix it one day but i feel its so far behind on their to do list that it wont happen any time soon


I’m sure it’s not this easy but it seems like it’s just a time stamp issue. Make the war run count when you hit attack button and not when the attack is completed.


They fixed this a few updates back so we could no longer do it but it broke something else so they changed it back


How about having defense points only handed out when defense is successful rather than people just showing up.


Giving defense points simply because people join an attack is stupid it should be given only when defenses is successful before 70% is achieved. This would make it a war rather than who can stay awake the latest.


I agree. As it is now I think a player can just join and watch without applying any defense charges or spells and the team gets a defense point. To me that don’t make sense, should only get a defense point if you prevent the attackers from getting 5 flames.

I’m sure some are going to say no defense points unless prevented from getting any flames, but as I see it, if you reduce the flame count by any amount it is a successful defense, it’s only a matter of degree.


Do you know why they are unlikely to respond to this? Because it’s been brought up 100 times, and they’ve answered it. We’re I them I wouldn’t be reading or responding to this either


Would love an official response :slightly_smiling_face:


There have been several. Move on


If using this tactic could result in having an acct banned then D1 as we know it would cease to exist as we would all be banned lol. PG has responded to this on the forums and stated it was not an exploit and it was a part of the game strategy. They did attempt to make it to where you couldn’t attack til after the war officially started but it caused other problems within the game so they reversed it. Most teams in D1 use this and it’s considered to be a part of how wars operate.


You keep saying that, but where are these official responses. Would you mind clarifying if you think it’s been answered because like I said in first post, there has been previous responses, but the information given has not been consistent. Different PG staff have given conflicting responses to this query.


Thats pretty fucked up if you ask me
So just because they can’t fix it it makes it part of the game?
That, and it basically screws over the entire european region as they would have to be awake in the middle of the night during the war start to be able to compensate for enemy players abusing the system


If you’re not awake when war starts then it doesn’t really matter if the other team is using the exploit right???

You have two issues here, one is use of exploit, the other is war start time. I suggest you split them into two and join the war start time thread here:


War start time is a secondary issue. I would consider setting up an alarm to 3am if i knew its an even fight.
But even knowing the other team abuses the bug i wouldnt go as low as them. Guess its a matter of perspective, i’ve only been to d1 once and we got overwhelmed by the amount of teams attacking eaely. Maybe when you’re facing it on a daily basis for months you begin to this its normal and abuse it yourself…


I’m not sure this really qualifies as “abusing a bug.” The worst it does is mean you have to be on, what, 3 minutes earlier? The worst it does is mean you have to check green banners a little sooner. I’m not sure why that would be considered an egregious error. If PG makes it clear to all players that it is an exploit and will be penalized, alright. Otherwise, like it or not it’s part of the game, and rewards organized teams with active players.


It IS abusing a bug because the attack points will count, but the DEFENSE points will not. So, a team can get in a number of attacks without the defending team getting credit for the defense.

People who use it and defend it call it a “strategy” because both teams are able to exploit the bug, but it is still an exploitation of an unintended game “feature for the express purpose of gaining an advantage.