Predetermined war losses and gains


I know u lose rankings, and tokens. Was just wondernig if difference in flames and deffence count influence the amount of rating points and tokens already shown when declaring war in case you win or lose…
So if we have 49/50 players at start but still fight the war and lose only by 5 flames, would we lose more or less points/eggs then if we just lost that war by 250flames.? Or is it does that not change?
So Ive interpreted the answer an it doesnt change in hope its true.:sunglasses:


Only winning and losing matter in this regard.

You can lose on defense or beat them 250 to 0.


Final payout is when it ends. The easiest way to see this is declaring on a 49 or below team. If you’re really slow you’ll only get a fraction of what you originally saw when you declared, if you’re really fast at winning, you’ll get the full payout. At least this was how it used to be when the 50/50 team got 250 flames and would end the war at that time.


Just to clarify on Lutrus’s post.

It’s not how fast you finish the team in a 49 situation. It’s how fast you finish in comparison with other teams that are warring that same team.

If you’re the only team that’s warring then you will get the same amount of rating/tokens as on the initial screen when declaring.


I am also wondering about this since I just started my own team and a team of 19 members declared war upon me. I was obviously defeated since I am only one but was wondering if it is better to defend and attack or just take the loss for what it is.


Makes 0 difference


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