Predicting where lightning will bounce 🤔

Hi Ya’ll,

Is there some type of guide or rule of thumb of how lightning will bounce when it is cast? It’s a pain to face an island full of towers, cast the lightning at a tower … have it hit that one tower and a monument before disappearing. :sob:

I am starting to hold my breath each time I get chain lightning while using steal essence. Thanks for your help in advance. :corn:

Abbbsoooooluuuuttteeee chaos. Totally random.


:joy: Red… :+1:

My tip would be to fire as far away from a monument as possible - alternatively fire directly on a monument so it will the bounce onto the towers. If you fire too close to a monument there’s a chance it will bounce onto the monument then end :scream:

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Will it end? I have had rare occurrences where it will hit a tower not under red shield bounce to monument then behind the red shield to towers further back? or maybe it is just as red said random

It ends if for some reason there are no other towers it can bounce to: e.g. on the lighthouse short island, you fire lighting at the front left, it bounces to the back left, then bounces to the water dragon shrine. It will end at the shrine… :scream:

I have been trying to hit further away from the monuments but sometimes the fire turret is next to the monument. I’ll keep doing what I have been doing then … holding my breath and hope for the best.

Best bet is to kill the monuments, then use lightning. Can’t bounce to a monument that isn’t there.

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I’ll most likely be dead before that happens

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Bounce it off the monument then. At least you ensure 5 (if you’ve done the research) shots on actual towers.

Intentionally bouncing it off monuments can lead to fun combos, such as on the middle long island :tada:

Where will lightning hit? Nowhere near sand hopefully horrific Borg flashbacks

Well obviously the one control you have is what building you cast it to.

It has some kind of adjacency rule, but the order of towers is completely random and it can jump towers but it either is unlikely to do so or is limited to one jump, or has a pre-routed scenario.

When it hits a monument midnchain it has always been after hitting the building(s) nearest to the moment, and thus ending early.

Most of the time it doesn’t jump spots (although jump is maybe relative to what towers might be consider adjacent to each other. For example in a group of 5 towers it seems all 5 towers are adjacent to all towers except 1 if it uses lightning tower rules of adjacency)

My strategy is to kill the monument form the side first (theoretically debuffs runes and buffs but not clue if it actually does) and then cast it on the tower I want dead first. (usually a blue mage tower) followed by a few taps and if it’s borgian I cloak before the supershot hits. If it’s equestor I’d precast the next bolt before it hits so I can use that rage.

But yeah there is some governing logic that loosely drives adjacency.

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