Prediction about next season first event

Last 2 seasons started in fortification ( if my memory is correct ) . So I guess new season also start in fortification. So event order breeding ( going on ) => feeding => pvp => fort , ur guess ?

I’m not sure but probably another pvp type event

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No idea, but I sure hope it’s not feeding. [bleep]-ing worst event to open chests, lol, not a good start to the season IMO. Hopefully a PVP.

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Agree. The season should end with Feeding (as mostly super sigils at weekend).

Next season should start with Fort :grin:

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Personally I want fort this season as I’m gonna skip it :joy: :crossed_fingers:


I’m pretty sure that the first event of the spring season will be feeding, most likely.

I dont care as long as the 1st or 2nd event is a pvp event that isnt king of the hill. That is literally all I care about at this time going in. I dont need crap tons of useless wooden barriers dropping. I wish they’d take those things out of the gold chests and put them only in bronze chests where they belong

PG, PLEASE dont do king of the hill during the first 2 weeks. PLEASE

Im hoping for
King of the hill next, then fort, then feeding, then pvp

Or just push KotH until the 3rd/4th week

I actuall wouldnt hate it if the feeding was cut to 3 days and then the other 3 was the solo battle event. A lot of these events need to be shorter and feeding is at the top of the list. 48hrs of actual feeding and then 4 days of feeding perches gets old real fast

Agreed… Grinding for food gets old real fast lol. Opening chests during KOTH is worthless, too… Season events ain’t goin’ in our favor either way, I’m guessing, lol.

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Give sigils chests plz at end of the season @PGCrisis

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