Preparing for events


any guide on weekly events sequence? or tips maybe to anticipate what comes next. ty


Fort, PvP, breeding, pvp, repeat.
PvP changes up, of course. But it’s in this order :grin:


Don’t forget the dreadful feeding event :eyes:


Oh that’s right. God I hate that feeding event so much.


Generally as stated by others it goes PvP, Fort, PvP, Breed, PvP, Fort, PvP, Breed, etc. with Feed thrown in a time or two per season. Every monday the upcoming event is posted here:

Eastern time in US, it usually gets posted in the vicinity of 6:00-7:00pm Monday evening (no exact time).


Feed event has been every 9th week for last few seasons.


With the launch of the attempted personal events and now the new PIT event it has altered things a bit as well. It’s honestly hard to say exactly what event will be next. As others have said though typically a minor then major but not always. Just check the event calendar on Mondays, usually late afternoon:)


Pit event is a pvp event.


is there a feeding event?


Never said it wasn’t… still altered what would have been the typical schedule of events was my point.

Dragonrider - yes there is also a feed event:)


ty all for your reponse. liked the game and this forum even more.haha


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