"Pretty Massive (Atlas) Update Coming"

Looks like soon I won’t be able to even fit this damn game on my phone all for content I’ll never see. Fucking awesome :+1:


But is it a “Pretty Massive Rollout” as well? :thinking:


Why would that be the expectation


You’ll see it eventually, your team is in Plat. Atlas generates too much money for PG to give up on it now (knock on wood).

I’d really recommend investing in a good tablet with 32G+ of storage to fit WDs and any other game you happen to enjoy. Smaller tablets are still portable and gameplay can be a lot easier on those larger surfaces. Not to mention that they can be relatively cheap.

What I do for my accounts on a phone with less storage (this one is practically full solely because of the game) is make sure that all my photos are moved to the cloud and saved there, not taking up any space and stay on top of clearing the cache and deleting unnecessary downloads. Even just adding apps to an SD card can clear up a lot of space. Hope this helps a little. I know for phones like this one, the game sucks up a lot of space and it seems ridiculous but nothing can really be done about that.

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The raw game is only 128MB.
I’ve reinstalled it about a week ago and it downloaded and stored about 36MB of additional data on my device.
How does this not fit on your device? :flushed:

How is yours so small

That’s mine more than 2gb

Opslagruimte is storage space

Reason for edit is realising barely anyone will know dutch

Not sure about the new update but this is what my phone tells me as of now


You’re right that the game itself doesn’t take up a lot of space. But cache cleared here there are still a lot of extra files and data downloaded for the game to even operate.

Seems like the same thing for all apps.
Line or WhatsApp can also grow to several GB when not deleting the cache or reinstalling the app every now and then.
Not really a WD-only case.

On another note: The thread title is very misleading and should be changed.
I thought it’s about an actual announcement or upcoming update for Atlas.

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It is. I edited the OP (I can’t post on Atlas threads)

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I’d disagree… in my experience the only other apps apart from larger games like WDs that have a lot more downloads than the app itself are cloud apps like Drive or Sheets. The difference between download space taken of separate devices is unusual.

Well you can disagree all you want, I reinstalled Line and WhatsApp a few months ago after using them for about two years on the same device. They had grown to 2-3GB in size by storing additional data.
I reinstalled and they became smaller again.

I did the exact same thing with WD.
Seems like a pretty easy fix for the OP compared to asking PG to recode their whole app :man_shrugging:

I have the same if I clear cashe and reinstall. Only couple of MBs are cashe related

My bad, guess I was mixing “Cache” and “Documents & Data”.
But my point still stands, reinstalling removed all the data-trash and shrunk the app size down to normal.

Well my normal is still more than one GB. Tried it but doens’t become MBs

To be honest, personally I would prefer having a 2-3GB game that doesn’t constantly download files and suck my data plan dry (although PG did a good job in making WD use less mobile data).
But that’s just my opinion, sorry it this might be slightly off topic.

For the record, I’m not asking for them to recode their whole app. Just expressing frustration with having to scour my phone for things to delete anytime there is the smallest update (many of which have been Atlas related).

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I think you don’t download Atlas related files if you don’t access it. When I had my access on Atlas from joining a team, it downloaded the files for Atlas. It took a bit of time, but after it’s done, I was able to play it.


Yeah, maybe he means regular app updates that only have Atlas bugfixes, not knowing that 500+ files are waiting to be downloaded when first launching atlas ingame.

But seriously, if a device can’t handle those regular updates, it might be time for a new device (no offense @CheekyGrinch ).

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