Pretty please fix the game

Please oh please we are begging you to fix atlas.

Can’t see troop counts
Can’t see passage
Attack button missing
Attacks don’t count
Can’t move

I’m sure there’s more but please fix it


Fingers crossed, this will be addressed later today with this maintenance.

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Should read mail I guess :joy:

Meanwhile castles are being lost because somehow the attackers can get there and attack, but the defenders are stuck in nml.

I won’t hold my breath. How many times have there been maintenance bubbles since this all started and we have complained? They don’t address the specific things they are trying to fix, which means that if one thing unrelated to the menu of complaints gets addressed, it’s “fixed.”

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I’m totally with you there. I’m not holding my breath either.
From previous experience, IF they manage to fix one little problem, they create 10 more… :see_no_evil::pensive:

The one a few weeks back got me: “hey we fixed the lag, we’re monitoring the situation and it seems to be resolved”
You silly sausage, that’s because it’s PvP bubbles and no one can fight :woman_facepalming:t3:

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And it’s not fixed :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

It got worse. I watched a primarch sit in nml. When it landed on the castle I saw attack sparkles. I tried to attack it immediately and the game said the primarch was no longer there.

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