Prevent normal players from conquering castles

With the current gold bank penalty conquering a castle is an action that puts the team in danger (if the castle is conquered back team loses gold) so should be restricted, for example it could be available only to officers, castle governors and bankers


Get better members :man_shrugging:


I think they are talking about how a person will jump from their team to a random auto join team conquer a castle and than jump back to re conquer the castle. I’m guessing he has auto join enabled. I do think it would be good that you can’t conquer a castle on a new team for at least a week to prevent this but I also this is just a means for teams as well. :man_shrugging:

I mean if the team is one with auto join and doesn’t have a castle I guess they don’t care if they lose the gold because it doesn’t affect them. At least at the moment.

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I don’t think that’s what they meant… but they can clarify

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I interpreted it as when you’re hitting a castle’s guards and then someone accidentally conquers the castle that their team didn’t want and then the previous owners or their alliance take the castle back.

This is just part of the risk you take. We really don’t need restrictions added because some people are too lazy to pay attention to what they’re doing or to listen to their leadership


I’ve seen teams lose gold by having a member conquer a vacant T4 and then promptly losing that castle to someone else.


Yep, I’ve seen that happen many times. I can just imagine what their TC is like after someone takes that castle :laughing:

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I’ve been on both sides of it, it’s fun either way. :laughing:

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Well….it happens. Own your mistakes, educate your players and pray for it to not happen again too soon. It’s part of the Atlas spice mixture.


Isn’t this just a trap castle AKA tier 4 castles? Either way the tier 4 castle works both ways around.

Other than this I don’t even know what exactly this thread is pointing out.

I am pointing out that any team can setup a castle without guards, have someone of his players join another team, conquer that castle, join back the original team and conquer the castle back


Ah so I was right.

Then that’s an exploit that should result in a ban/suspension just like other past exploits


Ya it happens a little regularly to my team. We don’t have a castle and we don’t plan to get one because most of our people don’t really care for atlas. We have auto join on so we have ransoms join in the middle of the night when no ones on and does the swap.

Do we just report the accounts and show chat log and the teams members as evidence?

Though I think my suggestion of new team members under a week not being allowed to conquer castles would put a stop to this exploit.

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Step 1: turn off auto join.

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Yes I completely understand that :roll_eyes:. But I am not the leader and don’t have the right.

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Have to leave it on in P4 to stay full. Lotta churn down there.

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This is definitely true. And if you don’t stay above 45 players you will just constantly be declared war on. Especially if you are in an lc who likes to broadcast a team they beat that has less players…