Preview Week Stream Schedule for 4/4 - 4/6


Hey Dragon Lords!

This week on our live streams we will be previewing a bunch of the new Springveil content and the new event. Crisis and I will be sitting down with PGCoffee and newcomer, PGSqurl, to get the lowdown on everything.

Below is the schedule of what we will be talking about on each of the streams:

[Twitch] Wednesday, April 4th


  • Concept Art for Dragons + Rider
  • Dragon Names / Class / Rarity / Element
  • New Springveil Portraits

New PVP Event

  • Announce the Name
  • What is this new event?
  • Brief Q+A with PGSqurl

[FB Live] Thursday, April 5th


  • Dragon Names / Class / Rarity / Element
  • Dragon Spellset Overview

New PVP Event

  • General Rules and How-To
  • In-Game Screenshots of the Event

[YT Gaming] Friday, April 6th


  • Dragon Rider: Name / Armor / Skillset / Buffs

New PVP Event

  • Strategy and Mechanics
  • General Rules and How-To
  • In-Game Screenshots of the Event

Springveil Stream Notes + Kingdom Wars

I’ll be watching


Season Hype!!!


Exciting! Enjoying this staggered release. It keeps the season from feeling stale while still providing enough time to actually invest in the new dragons if one wants to.


Thank you for the heads up, communication is very appreciated


Great communication and roll out plan :+1::+1:


Oh WoW!!! So ready



Thx for the input @Arelyna . excited for the stream :+1:


You know Its april 1st😏


I wish you guys did text recaps. I don’t watch streams. It’s an information mode I absolutely refuse. The same way I don’t watch the news or news clips. I’ll read, but no video. I can usually find a decent recap from a player, it’s just sad that your company doesn’t have it in them. M Sad, not shocking. Ineptness and PG are synonymous.


i am thinking the same as u!
we have a forum where everyone!!! is and you give us all information via twitter/facebook/instagram/twitch/youtube, where only very very few people, compared to forum, are.
i still do not understand why do you do this pg!


I use none of those social avenues either. I youtube it when I need to fix something. My guess is they are just trying to market on all avenues for all tastes which is cool.


Thanks for the notification it is appreciated


All avenues, all tastes would be great. Unfortunately they’ve chosen to push people into their streams instead. I don’t want to have to spend an hour watching a video that has content I could read in two minutes. No offense to the streamers… It’s just a matter of efficiency.

PG, please provide a written recap of each day’s streams, published within 24 hours of the stream’s release. I’m sure there are rea$on$ you won’t, but it never hurts to ask.


Here’s a handy graphic for the upcoming Preview Week on stream!

We hear you on not participating as an audience member on stream. That's cool! Everyone has their own preferences. We provide information ahead of official announcements for those who are interested in joining us live and getting a sneak peak at upcoming information. The same information with even more detail will always be posted in the days leading up to a new feature / content / event. Everyone will get the same information, it's just a matter of time. :)


If you’re looking for recaps of streams, here is your source for this season :wink:


Awesome, thanks for the heads up.


Usually what time does the facebook stream start?


It usually starts around 2pm PT.


Thank you!

Springveil Stream Notes + Kingdom Wars