Previous Evolve Stones

I had an idea that there’s could be a way to obtain evolve stones for dragons from previous seasons. The idea was that you need a mix of current sigils and an amount of egg tokens to purchase an evolve stone for the dragon of choice. e.g 750 sigils + 90k egg tokens, the reason is because they weren’t last season so they shouldn’t be easy to obtain but you still should be able to get them.

Uh oh…please use the search function.


Another one…
@TheRedDelilah please close this



I am surprised you have not encountered any posts pretty much just like yours since you joined the forums in December. It seems to be a fairly common theme. However, it needs to be better thought out.

Please take note PG has given their opinion on this subject already…

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This is hilarious… getting like one of these a day…

“Gee, I wonder why no one else ever thought of this!”

What’s the issue with this, so many people get so cut when someone suggests anything to do with this.

Past divines should stay the way they are. Read the other topics. I should not have to explain for what has already been said a thousand times.


Search the forum before you post.

The issue is that PG has confirmed that these will not be coming back. Pointless to discuss and even consider. If you are new here, then welcome. Be sure to use the search function :grin:

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Thanks for a proper response, all I wanted to know

If there are so many of these posts, isn’t that saying something. Must be a lot of people wanting this.

Well, PG said they aren’t doing it and notice the players who want it haven’t played long, so that’s not fair to older players who worked for said stuff :slight_smile:


If u check each of those threads you will see how many people DONT want this

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Limited time is limited time. That what makes some of these divines special. If you want an old divine evo stone, sorry you can’t get it anymore however you can always look forward to next season and learn from your mistakes

I’ll tell you why it’s not needed. Get a mythic from 2 seasons ago, then get a discount dragon from the current season and see which has more attack power.

I’m not paying money to finish Abraxxas at this point.

But it’s funny to watch people ask for this again like it’s something brand new.

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I’m shocked this tread has managed to stay open so long…


I know!!! Kinda ridiculous!

That’s not ridiculous. It just means @thereddelilah is sleeping or something. :rofl:

I think she is over her forum quota for the month and she is giving the others a chance to catch up :flushed:

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