Previous mythics vs current seasonal mythics empyrean leveling

Hey everyone , I was making some research on den levels for my fort planners however found out that the previous mythics NAMAKA AND MEGLOK evolve to Mythic EMPYREAN LVL AT 455 , both Namaka and Meglok and they evolve at 455 to Abyssal , while the current seasonal Narlyth and GIG max out as empyrean mythics at 441 and evolve to abyssal at 443 . I checked both sites of @Morreion AND @Sandberg’S DRAGON MANAGER

CURRENT SEASONAL MYTHICS LEVELING :point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up:

LAST SEASONAL MYTHICS . :point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up:

@Arelyna is this change intended ? cause it doesnt feel fair for previous mythics to be capped till 455 , while the new ones max as empyreans at 441

p.s : hope this isnt a double thread , my search didnt show anything


It is possible my dataset has some outdated information. I found out my Hyaku leveling information does not match what I see in game, so it looks like a hotfix slipped my attention. Interestingly, when I checked both wdstats and Almanach both had different numbers too, and only Almanach’s seemed correct for my Hyaku.

When the next patch comes around I’ll have a full update again, it’s worth checking if that changes anything, if PG don’t respond before that.


maybe Arelyna or @Crisis can give us a confirmation on this , would be awesome to have them as the narlyth example tho

@Arelyna sorry for the re-tagg , can we have an update on this please :pray:

I believe the levels change basically every season. Compare UVS ( he only went to legendary empyrean) vs ronin who went to full mythic empyrean. UVS evolved into empyrean at 429 where ronin doesn’t until 431

What I mean in the post is about their max empyrean power . Narlyth and Gig reach it at 441 , which is also the level a player can have 5 level 90s , while Namaka , Meglok , and the empyrean tier mythics get their max empyrean ap at 455 .

It is this difference that makes a lot of change .

Plus Narlyth and Gig will evolve to Abyssal at 443 while Namaka and Meglok at 455 . And we talk about same powers at different levels

@PGLawson I was told you are the man to explain why the unlocks for the mythics are different , can you illuminate us :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_monocle::nerd_face:

I hope this wont be lost on those threads without an answer :pray:

me too waiting for the answer

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So are you looking at attack power or what? Because you know that number is bs right?

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I think you understand where the problem is dude . Anyways I suggest you read it again .

@PGLawson please nobody from the pg team is giving us an update yet

Maybe you should check other data sources if the one you’re using seems wonky? Could be incorrect information or simply outdated.

The data is correct , one of the pg employees said I should tag Lawson to explain it .

Gig change since your screenshot?

Previous mythics back to Surt have kept the level caps at common levels. Considering the current ones are different from that, seconded by different from even each other, something is definitely off. #bug

Says who? Support? :rofl:

Look at this.

That now matches Gig :clap:.

Still has legendary Abyssal at 463 while previously that gate was 455, something still off.

Namaka and Meglok both hit “expert” mythic emp at player level 455. Seasonal mythics don’t need increased den caps when the next half-step increase for them is released. So Namaka and Meglok can get their last few levels by staying at 455.

Narlyth and Gig go to Mythic Abyssal so they have different legendary Abyssal reqs. They hit expert Leg Abyssal at 475 so when the Mythic evolution is released they will cap out at 475 as well. No level increases needed.

Sorry for crappy computer picture but quickest way to show.

Left to right levels stay the same, except Legend Abyssal.

Also looks like each Mythic jump has a level difference between 2 legends and a mythic, of which new season ones don’t have.

Edit: new seasons legend Abyssal at 455, 2 Legend 463, Mythic 475? @PGLawson

before you keep being sarcastic and rude check this , arelyna does admit the unlocks are different but it is not something she can explain