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Now I know this has probley been brighten up loads of times but it’s just an idea. When you are lower level, you can’t always get all the stones for a divine seasonal dragon, and as you level up, that dragon of course becomes useless. I propose an idea for PG to bring back those stones, but in a different way. In future seasons, introduce another optional line, similar to the egg boost or rider line that just has rider stones for the people that were not able to complete their dragon’s lines. To make it not so simple and easy, perhaps make these stones a lot more expensive, say at least 1k sigles a piece? Just throwing this out there. I know I’m not the only one with benched divine dragons because of this.

But there’s at least 3 dragons per each season (first fall had 3, rest have grown). How would you propose the correct dragon? Say someone started and wasn’t able to finish Tarand of the first winter, but a different player Tengu. How would this be incorporated into this branch?

Find comfort in the fact that most have useless old dragons and move on. Look to the future, not the past.

Be prepared for this to be closed soon as there are about 500 threads on this already.

As much as I’d love to have gotten farther on Necryx at the end of last season, the idea you propose just defeats the purpose of the seasons. It’s supposed to be season-by-season, not “oh well I can always get the stones next season.”


Great Idea I’m in


OMG, this isn’t even the first time this was brought up TODAY, right?!?


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