Previously banned players

I’m looking for some verification, opinions and rule clarification. Firstly just to ensure there is no misunderstanding.

  1. I have never been banned
  2. I am not currently banned or under any known investigation
  3. I have never cheated or intend to cheat
  4. I have never and have never had any intentions of ever taking advantage of an known or unknown in game glitch.
  5. I do not agree with cheating in any form and do not encourage or condone cheating in any format.
  6. I am not defending cheating or those that do.

Okay so now that’s out of the way I will get on with my question.

I totally agree that someone who cheats should be banned and I’m grateful that action is being taken against players that do. However the question I have is how long does or should a ban stay in place for the player? The account should remain banned no matter what in my opinion and remain locked however what I’m wondering is how long until that person should be allowed to return. I do believe people can rehabilitate, most countries judicial system bases itself on rehabilitation because some people do change, some people do grow up and some people realise there mistakes. I don’t believe that some players can’t change there spots and play within the rules. It is not a question of if the player should be punished more a question of how long.

it’s a young kid that played a few years ago and made some poor decisions due to immaturity. They have respected the ban they received and stayed away for a few years up until now. They want to return and play this game but this time much wiser, more responsible and with greater respect for the game rules.

  1. Should they be allowed to create a legitimate new account?
  2. How would they go about (if possible) doing that and being honest without repercussions?
  3. What should a team do is they find out a new member who joined there team has been banned previously?

@PGJared (I’m hoping either of you are the right person I should be asking)

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Most hackers do create new accounts… and get right back to hacking

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Thanks for pointing out the known obvious, I hate hackers/cheats just as much as you.

Your response doesn’t relate to my question as it clearly states how can someone who wants to respect the game and rules return legitimately.

Unless I’m mistaken they ban accounts, not people. As far as I know anyone with a ban can create a new account and start from scratch.

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@Merlin very interesting question, I can’t give answers to questions 1 and 2, but the third one I can answer. If I found a member of my team had previous form of being a hacker or cheat I would kick them from the team. I know that it might be harsh, but I personally don’t think I could 100% trust them.


Im more concerned about the players who get caught and are back a week later with a brand new level 400+ account (either bought, or hacked). Some don’t even seem to hide it!

I have no issue if someone starts over right away and assuming they arn’t hacking again who cares. I dont see a reason to stop this. But PG should do some kind of follow up on those who get banned and just buy a new account. See player who do this is just insulting to those of us who play legitimately. Why should i spend to upgrade my level 320 account when i need to play against these hackers!


Would you let a “reformed” pedophile babysit your children?

Would you let a “reformed” thief housesit for a week?

Would you let a “reformed” rapist take your wife camping?

You made your choices, face the consequences…every choice you make has repercussions.

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problem is there is no lasting consequences when they just come back the next week with a new account!

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There is no discussion. Ban mac id, ban Ip. No return. Bye

I never did anything so the “You” and “Your” is irrelevant and hope you meant “They” and “Their” :joy:

But what I guessing your trying to say is the same as the first response and with that you force them to just create new accounts and hide in the shadows.

So once guilty always guilty. Your basically saying a 15 year old pubescent kid will NEVER change and should be tarnished for the remainder of their life.

Did you not make mistakes when you were young that you wouldn’t do now?

I’m sure once you stole a cookie or sweet from the jar but does that mean you should be treated like a thief by everyone for the rest of your life.

Do you not see how stupid that sounds?

I am not even asking for them to Ban IP/Mac Id’s. As i said i dont care if they want to start over legitimately. But it would be nice if they could run a some sort of report to see what accounts are being used by those IP’s after an account has been banned. I am guessing this is more work than PG wants to undertake but seeing cheats return so fast is just insulting to the rest of us.

Also I’m not very IP educated but wouldn’t banning an IP ban a whole household. One kid cheating doesn’t mean the dad/mum is cheating also.

You missed my point entirely… it’s not like banned people don’t get to start over, and they’re free to play legit until they don’t, which is the only way they would get banned again

Sorry I want to make you understand that this is a game. And in all types of game, hacking is the worst crime there is. Meaning your comparison is weak, i literally mean this kind of crime if compared to real life is equivalent to death as punishment.

I didn’t miss your point because if PG finds that a previously banned player has created a new account I’m sure this is called ban evasion and will get them banned again.

I doubt PG cares if they just start a new account as long as they are playing legitimately on it.


In all games if the hacker causes everyone to lose their accounts or stole personal information or it damaged the servers then yes I would agree with your comparison. That would be comparable to a death sentence. So my comparison is much closer.

this really depends.

If a cheater keeps coming back and is able to cheat his way through, it’s better to know how he did it first before issuing a ban than keep on banning him while not being able to confirm where the vulnerability is.

This is why they did a ban wave, they saw and confirmed how a certain cheat is done and “might” have fixed it and then ban a lot of account who used that pattern.

Does your response apply to any of the questions?

Should they be allowed to create a legitimate new account?
How would they go about (if possible) doing that and being honest without repercussions?
What should a team do is they find out a new member who joined there team has been banned previously?