Prices of rune chests

@PGCrisis please help us on this. I’m here stirring at the runic chests and I cannot for once gather courage to open any them anymore. If the price point is this high, is there a way to increase the chances of mythic and legendary?
Why will anyone open them if they get close to crap in the drops? I feel like it’s just a rip off. Not talking about how many several $100s or even $1000s an average person will have spend to get good runes?


Guarantee me a good or at least decent drop for the cost of opening 10. If I open 10 I’m lucky to get a legendary or mythic. Get my odds up to 30-40% and I would probably bite. Whose gonna pay 1600 for one chest. Seems like a ripoff to me.

8k for mostly rares and epics is offensive.

Epic minimum, a good number of legendaries and some mythics and it’ll be worth 8k.

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The price is kind of crazy, if it is that expensive at least let the silver chests count towards it.

What in you could exchange X number of bronze chests for X number of silver chests. And X number of silver chest for X number of gold chests? Or X number of gold chests for X number of runic/sigils chests?

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Every time these come out, it’s the same argument about them being overpriced, etc.

If you want to buy them at that price, if not, don’t buy them. If anything, the price has gone up since they were first introduced. I suspect the price won’t be lowered anytime soon…

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