Prim and rider lv up event

Hi guys
I have a big dilemma
Besides one that is lv 23 I have all my prims max to 25 and only one rider to grow 2 more lv to max lv50 ( I have xp for both but I dont want to grow them until next event - bc this event I got all prizes )
I wonder if there are many players in he same situation and pg should open new lv for prims, if not that would be a big turn off to pass an Atlas event with zero points for me and the team

Looking forward to hear your thoughts

SILVER :fairy:‍♀

been like that for me for a long time now. :neutral_face:

but… eh, owell. i can’t ask too much as there are other matters that should be prioritized. :roll_eyes:

I just don’t max stuff out. Could have maxed out my prims a while back but no rush keep going slowly till the next tier is released.

Although would be nice to have a way to burn red rider shards for points or just burn excess glory at 1/3 of the value.

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I’d be in favor of a way for players who’ve maxed their primes/riders to earn points, but I am strongly against adding new levels to the existing primes.

The last thing this game needs is another source of power creep.

However, I wouldn’t be against the introduction of new types of primes. That could increase the number of tactical options, maybe help solve some of the design issues with Atlas, and give players a new place to spend their glory and shards.


A bonfire, throw in red shards for points and burn them. I could do this all day long with all those useless Red shards, and scrolls. :roll_eyes:

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