Prim leveling suggestions

I did a quick search but didn’t see it posted anywhere.
What are people’s thoughts of PG offering an atlas seasonal line that gives a discount on prim leveling time. Built like a base boost or egg boost but cuts leveling time by a percentage.

I’m think three tiers being 10%, 15%, 25% giving a total of 50% off leveling time. I am sure I am like many others that has a ton of glory and sitting on months of training time.

It helps those that need to level a lot but doesn’t punish anyone that already has their prims maxed.


Nah. I think leveling time should just be eradicated. We already have to pay gold AND glory. Why should we have to pay with time as well?


That would be great but chances of that are extremely slim. There needs to be something to help with the burden.

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@PGrdm If you can look at this, it makes actually lot of sense. I am sure many are in the same position as OP (I am a bit in it too tbh, and timers are sacred)


I would actually play atlas more if prim leveling didn’t take SO much gold and timers. I have 20+ levels stored and more than 250M in expenses.

But back to OP: I wouldn’t be against that, but for me, I would much rather see a reduction in gold but looks like sentiment is about equal:


For all tiers below and including n-1, this is a great way to help minimise the power spread in atlas. If it plans to include n tier as well, I don’t feel this is as positive.

Similar to the below:

Much rather see a removal of timer requirement, if I were to decide. Gold is a resource that I can find abundant enough while timers are… timers.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I can never have enough of those.


I always have thousands of days of timers and never enough breeding tokens to spend my timers wisely. I don’t get how y’all are short on timers tbh :laughing:, maybe I’m doing something wrong.

Gold on the other hand is impossible to farm without elite, and I can’t just take 250M out of my team bank lol

:man_shrugging: I guess it depends a lot on how ambitious you are, and how many resources you get. The amount of tokens you need is pretty fixed, while your base can eat close to unlimited timers. Last fort I just added one tower and leveled my existing ones, and I spent close to 6000 days, a few thousand days vanish in a flash. And keeping up with breeding is trivial by comparison, it’s keeping up with research that still consumes tokens at a high rate.


take out prime lvling event but anyone below gold still has to lvl primes. gold no matter how big monster keeps dropping all day long. it still costs same amount on diamonds to make it lvl faster. troop trainng takes alot of gold to do so when you need 15m to lvl a prime players have to decide do i lvl a prime or keep building troops and forget prime.