Prim training event need to come back

They should bring back prim level event. Now that we have gold prime to level up it makes sense to bring it back. Also this gives new players or players who are still in bronze and silver a chance to get rewards by leveling there prime up like player had before they took the event away. I feel the newer players need more help with leveling there prime or they feel they can’t catch up to the higher levels who got given rewards for leveling up there prime.

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No it doesnt, it needs to stay dead. People get points now for putting glory on their primes rather than spending it.


They shouldn’t have added more primes in the first place ……
They provide no tactical value and add nothing but power creep.
Gold primes are just a failed attempt to use mechanics to dictate our play style.

The glory event replaced rewards for the old prime event bringing back that event would serve no purpose!

And your rewards for the glory event are more consistent than the old prime event so in no way have players lost anything in fact we have gained from the removal of that sad event.

Unfortunately pg missed the part where primes continually growing was the whole reason why we wanted that event removed! :man_facepalming:


While I can understand where you’re coming from, it doesn’t make sense to bring it back. All it did was make many of us hold back on leveling to get prizes and once you maxed your prims, you were SOL. I very much like the atlas events without prim training.


Please leave it dead where it belongs.

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I’d like to see 1m gold packs in the chests sometimes

Not true for those of us with stored levels. I never used timers of prim training and that combined with gold being the more limiting factor, I still have a ton of stored levels.

While I wouldn’t want to see prim training as a separate event, I see no reason it couldn’t be added into to the combined “training” event.

For players with stored levels you have already lost out and will continue to do so if the Primarch training event comes back as you limit your growth artificially.

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My growth was never limited by the event itself - it was always timers and gold.

While I can find no fault with your assertion here the only thing I feel compelled to add is that Gold Primarchs were always on the road map based on the UI. You do perfectly describe their implementation.

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That makes you the exception not the rule. You can also more consistently earn points and prizes in the glory event it you aren’t going to burn timers.

I have never liked that event

I agree with Malik about primarchs, like we don’t have enough parameters to divide the players - player level, base, research, troops amount, team etc. We have this “primarch” issue.

Imo, there should be only 4 primarchs all at the same level. Like bronz 2. The thing that should make the difference between them is their function only. If they create a new primarch, that one should have a new function, not a new tier. Especially not to force and change the people’s playstyle, like you have to get a castle


Do you have any data to support that?

All I can say is my personal experience on P2 and P4 teams says otherwise.

Only one team but yes. I had to work hard to break the habit of holding back prim leveling for the majority of players in and joining my Plat team. So my experience appears to contradict yours.

NO, worse idea ever.
I prefer reduce gold needed and I’m sick of farming gold

Others find the leveling costs an issue, see this thread:

Much prefer earning the glory than spending.

And it is future proofed - players will be able to earn glory even with maxed.
You gain resources rather than use them
Can build a lot of troops cheaply
More in the hospital so sets up a good troop event.

And just got enough blue shards for a rider solely from Atlas chests.

btw I had 15 levels stored on various prims so


If it gets brought back, I will be so peeved .This would be akin to pandering to those players that only wants events to be run at their personal discretion (Didn’t want a primarch training event because they have maxed prims. Now wants a prim training event because they have Gold prims.)

I have prime levels stacked for the old prime event and since I’m a pirate I will have to grind and conquer and pry gold primes from the mechanic set……:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So yes I will not be able to utilize those levels and those levels would have provided me with the exact same prizes the glory event provides so basically I’m out no prizes as long as I’m active ……
Basically I missed my window for easy points much like missing the 20% bonus for this seasons tower line because I will need to Complete the half price lines………

And that event is why I have saved levels so without a doubt that it was delaying my growth!

And because I need every prize I can get while trying to maximize my level that event was basically forcing me to prioritize my growth over atlas and primes!

I will gladly give up my easy points so no other player has the same game play experience I just had !:man_shrugging:

Begone prime training
Begone “pre planned “ completely detrimental gold primes
Begone degrading power creep

War dragons is not a short term game
Begone short term mechanics🔥

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