Prim training event

Is there still prim training event in atlas? I really need to level them but I haven’t seen that event for a while

There isn’t a prim event anymore, you can level your prims freely


Sad :dog::pleading_face:

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Currently, players will follow this Atlas event cadence moving forward until further notice:

Fight for Glory → Troop Training → Training Camp → Troop Training


Hardly free at all - takes a ton of gold and timers.


Wait there isn’t? Is it permanently removed?

This is what they said :pleading_face:


Offcourse it’s not coming back, the big gunners are all maxed and nothing to gain for them.


It isn’t just that. Those without elite find it VERY hard to get the gold to level a prim without tapping the bank. I actually don’t know I can level a single prim with all 30 gold runs. With how expensive it is for non-elites I’m kinda down with it being gone

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Those big gunners had it removed so the little guys can actually catch us!
We could care less about the glory and yes I have a lot saved for that event and no not all my defense primes are maxed before you assume and yes I’m near end game……

We didn’t rally to remove it because we are done leveling ! Lol
Yep we removed the leveling of primes to remove power creep created by acquisition and allow you to actually be competitive some day!



The small active gunners don’t get anything from it too.
Tired of holding them back

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Freely as not being constrained to an event.


Holy heck no. Running PVP on a constant loop every week would make me quit within a month, I can guarantee that lol

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No, you cannot use that same logic.

Prims are a finite resource. They don’t. Increase past S2 and eventually run out.
Feeding events used a limited resource, there isn’t infinite dragons to max out.

HOWEVER, with fort and breeding there is “constantly” new dragons, and new towers/levels, and new research. It doesn’t use a finite resource, instead it allows you to have something new almost every single time.


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Dunno if, as a low-level f2p player, I’m all that grateful…. I could use the diamonds and shards primarch leveling in event gave me. Makes up a bit for the arm and leg times a lot that maxing primes cost……
Removing this event means mainly I’ll have to do even more countless, tedious gold run sessions to get my primes maxed

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You would still have to have done them!?
The event prizes are still available and believe me if you do some reading on this subject you will find that by allowing primes to keep gaining levels and allowing that event to continue will only hamper your growth and create power creep and smaller players would never catch up to me if I’m allowed to keep building my primes! :man_shrugging:

I don’t know how else to explain that but I’m sure some of the forum gurus here can point out some more posts explaining why we as a community asked to have it removed.

I don’t agree. You’re stating your opinion, not facts. Yes I would still have to do tedious gold runs, just less, I could use diamonds too.
Terms like power creep don’t say much too me, I’ve seen it used all too often.
I did plenty of reading, research and playing these last 5 years in this game, I know you did as well but please don’t think you’re the only one, statistics and numbers need interpretation and interpretation is dependent on the personal desires of the person doing the interpretation, a fact politicians and lawyers prefer not to mention when advocating their point of view.

Feel free to hold your point of view :man_shrugging:
I’m just not exactly sure why you are complaining……
You get the same Rewards regardless the diamonds are the same?!?
I’m really not sure what your going on about truthfully lol
I had to use diamonds as well we all do at some point when leveling primes.
And so again not sure why you feel cheated and nope my defense primes aren’t all maxed :man_shrugging:

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