Primach upgrade

Any chance we have a date for goldprimach tier 2


Hopefully never👍


As there is no event for it anymore, why does it matter if prims are max lol

Just to see bigger stats I don’t know I’m bored

Bigger stats only will cause more issues to newer players. They need fix whats broken, not make it more broken.


Troop losses are lower if maxed only reason i can think of

I know how Atlas works bro. But before bring more prims they need to fix things. Esspecially the lag.


Hopefully soon. Worth double amount of troops it can hold using 50m gold per level up :shushing_face::shushing_face:. Don’t give them ideas.

I won’t respond about lag problem otherwise they will block it anyway

add more primarch tier why stop at gold eh!

They can add anything else in atlas to make it more fun primach tier or not would be less boring with same shit

Lo que no se por que no bajan los costes de ascensión de los primats si ya no hay evento sería una forma de compensar

No thanks.

There is no combat outcome difference so whats the point? ( assuming rivals in your bracket level at a roughly similar rate to you )

I would rather use my timers on my base and my gold making troops.

All gold 2 primarchs will do is suck a tonne of resources out of the economy for zero benefit to players.

Not to mention gold 2 prims will take even longer to revive than gold 1 so we will flush even more timers down the toilet for ZERO combat benefit. Yay gold 2 prims.

The little players will get smacked even harder. All it does is force more players out of the game. I already told my team if Gold 2 prims come out thats me out.

I bet the costs will go to 5bn gold and 4,000 days of timers. All so we can hit prims and get exactly the same combat outcome that we do now. No thanks.

If you are that desperate to spend billions of gold just post it to your team members and they will love you for it :slight_smile:


We absolutely do not need G2 primes ever. Prime leveling is gone so there is no purpose. Leveling these stupid things cost me nearly every gold pack I had and most of my diamonds and I got absolutely nothing out of it. I didnt suddenly start getting more than 11.2k per run, didnt get more chest drops. Literally nothing changed from when S2 was the max prime except I had a lot less resources after. Frankly I dont know how anyone who actually plays this game could ever think more prime levels would be good for anyone other than PG.
Just no.


im literally working my ass off on both taunter and trapper(taunter is gold now so a bit relief) from past 2 seasons ive been only reviving no train whatsoever i had 700k now down to 390k somethng. let them add more tier i dont mind getting more stress .

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I should preface this by saying that I have zero influence on whether or not gold 2 primarchs are released. I’m a software engineer who plays the game almost as many hours as I spend working on it. A different team makes these decisions no matter what I think about them personally. I’ve disagreed with them and argued with them on several issues without changing their minds, just not publicly.

As a heavy grinder, I love the idea of continued progression in the game. I grew up playing RPGs like the old Final Fantasy games. I could grind hard and make progress up to a point. Once I reached the top levels, the fun was gone. Same with the original WoW when the level cap was 60. Once I got there, a large part of the fun was gone.

I’ve been playing War Dragons for 9 1/2 months now. I maxed out my gold destroyer last season, and my gold trapper is at level 11. I’m making fast progress with my sieger now that I’m working on it. I will be excited about being able to make more progress on my prims instead of having them get stuck at gold 1 lvl 30 with no more room for improvement. I will level them faster than probably 99% of the E2P player base because I enjoy the grind and work harder than most. I’m not getting anything in the game for free, so big spenders could still make faster progress than me.

Like I said, this is a personal opinion that will have no influence on the decisions made by the design team.

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I to like grinding but the grind often gives reward for effort.

Take wow as per your example - once you grinded to 60 then you had to do 5 man and 10 man / 15 man dungeons to get blue gear.

Once you had blue gear and grinded some fire resistance items then you could do 40 man raids like MC and then Ony for Tier 1 gear.

Then BWL for tier 2. Etc.

All this grinding made you more powerful. You did some grinding and you got some gear.

This isn’t the same case for prims. You grind like wow but instead of being rewarded with more power for the grind you gotta grind and THEN pay billions of gold and thousands of days in timers.

I would be totally fine with grinding for levels if I was rewarded with prim levels. But you guys charge for the levels in addition to making me do the grind. Do you see how thats a problem?

If you could grind the levels or buy the levels all good. But you shouldn’t have to grind it and pay for it.

All it does is suck out billions of gold and timers and increases burden of play.

And a guild bank designed for 50 players doesn’t even hold this much gold. There are just way too many gates. I agree gates are needed to make progresion feel worthwile but when literally everything you do has a gate it changes to a burden.

When wow added more levels it broke player retention. At WotLK that was the game peak. Players lost interest trying to get to L80. Eventually it got to like L120 or more.

Did you know that wow is now back to 60 levels? They updated everyone back to the original 60 levels and retention is already back up.

Maybe you guys should take a leaf out of wows books and scrap the prim levels.


Exactly. And then when most of us do have maxed G1 primes we are in the exact same situation as we were when we didnt have them. Maybe if G1 primes had a higher kill cap or produced better glory or basically did anything more than what an S2 prime did then there would be an actual reason to have them. All adding them did was move the finish line for absolutely no reward to us and further the gap for those who are just starting.

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I grind enough to max out the events and finish each Atlas season, even last fall when I was in the 200s. I get lots of timers and diamonds from the events, and I get lots of gold from spending the diamonds on atlas chests and grinding invader bases. I don’t mind the burden of play right now. I love playing and have the free time to play a lot.

I know everyone has different play styles. I didn’t design this game or even start playing until last summer. This is a game that rewards heavy grinding and/or spending. It just happens to fit my preferences as someone who doesn’t want to spend money but does enjoy spending time in the game. There’s nothing I can do about it either way. I’ve spent a lot of time researching and learning how to do well in this game the way it is, not the way I want it to be.

The things I can change involve technical improvements that everyone will either love or not care about. The old autobattle system bugged me so much until they gave me a couple weeks to fix it. This week is our Hackathon where engineers can work on anything they want for 2 days. I’m adding the option to speed up gear crafting and upgrades with timers instead of rubies, because that has also bugged me ever since I got started with gear.

Changing big design decisions in Atlas (or the main game) is something out of my control. I just adapt to the new reality when changes are made.


Timers instead of rubies will get a thumbs up :smiley:

It might just be a difference in atlas.

For the last month many in my team have needed to actively defend for 12-17 hours a day to keep our castles.

The defence burden is excessively high. 3 diamond teams disbanded a month ago.

2 more disbanded this pvp. 5 out of 50 diamond teams eliminated in 4 weeks.

Of the three major alliances one folded last week.

I don’t think losing 10% of your top players and teams in a month is good business. I don’t think losing major alliances is ideal for game structural balance.

So for you - prims maybe not an issue to level with gold but for teams requiring long hours per day to just dedend to stay alive this extra burden of play is just something we are not excited about.

Most of my gold goes to reviving troops, filling up the bank so others without atlas elite can revive troops.

Spending 25mm gold on a prim is a luxury I just can’t afford even with atlas elite and buying packs.

When it all gets too hard and burdonsome to play a game people move to something more fun.

Maybe you could suggest prim levels should offer some sort of enhancement. ( i.e. revives, gold farming, farmers, kill limits ) or perhaps you should suggest that upgrades have a nominal cost. 2mm gold and 5 days timers if you grinded the glory.

Or if players don’t want to grind they can buy prim glory for levels at the current costs.

In wow when you get a player to max level you can pay to auto max others for $60. Maybe something similar is an option.

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