Primarch and Rider Training Event Changes - Official Discussion Thread

Discuss here the post about the changes from here!

Are you ready to get those Beast Points?
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How will this affect those that don’t have elite and don’t have prims to upgrade will they be able to attack beasts each day and gain 80k points? If people need points but they don’t have elite and can not upgrade prims how are they supposed to gain enough points to gain enough prizes that actually amount to anything? Not being mean or negative just wondering what will happen with those people.


OOT: Would you think to add new prizes for the “gear event” ? like 600k - 700k points achievements


Well they will have the added multiplier of 200 instead of 6 so they can still get more points than before!


After being unable to score points this long, this is better than nothing. Thanks PG for feeling the pain and doing something to help


I’m glad this change was implemented, but it seems like (hopefully) a temporary fix to hold us over til a bigger change. Are there plans to change the event more drastically?

80k/day x 3 day event = 240k points. The event max is 744k.

You can debate that those leveling primarchs should get more points, but this still punishes those that have experted their primarchs, just less than it used to.

IMO, the beast boost should be higher to allow for reasonable points.


There’s no elite effect today. Nor is any shown in your math above. There is a pro-rating based on the percent of the base completed.

Multipliers 30…11 add up to 410 for everyone, no elite needed. ((11 + 30) * 10)

So a day’s runs today:

  • 410 * 6 = 2,460 points (going to 100%)
  • 410 * 6 * 0.74 = ~1820 points (stopping at island 3, 74%)


  • 410 * 200 = 82,000 points
  • 410 * 200 * 0.74 = ~60,680 points (stopping at island 3, 74%)

If there were an elite effect, presumably it would be an x5 multiplier, and those numbers would be more like 12,300 today and 410,000 tomorrow. While 410,000 is a much more respectable event score, it’s a lot for just doing a day’s multis.

I don’t think there should be an elite effect, I’m just fact-checking/math-checking here; the post is misleading as originally worded.


240k point beter than nothing , stop complaining xD we arent penalised with this add !!


I’m pleased and think this is a step in the right direction. I’ve had maxed S2 prims for longer than I can remember. It’s been incredibly frustrating to miss out on prizes, and be ‘penalized’ in a sense, apart from the one time each season when I have an atlas rider to level. Grinding out points via beasts on the old scale was exhausting so thanks for improving that.


At least it’s something. I would like clarification on how this works if you dont have have an elite account. It would be nice if the multi was higher but it’s a move in the right direction

This but higher than that. Top prize should be at 1M and by that I mean additional prizes added onto the existing ones, not just move the 520k to 1M


Can we have a troop killing event to replace the prime leveling event?
“kill X amount of troops for Y prize”

EVERYONE could participate, would in theory get people playing more on the slower days of the week (in between events). Then troop event would be right after anyways and that would then provide higher scores and more participation.


Yeah, why fix it right and pay out $10, when fools will take $2 because it’s $2 more.

This is an inadequate change for a temporary solution when they have something entirely new on the way. It would be very easy to adjust the points up a little to make it much more appropriate.

Great change! Also, in-case this was missed, points per beast are still displaying as 6 on the event page.


The post said early tomorrow. You will not have the updated points yet.

This is a good step in the right direction, for sure. Hopefully, the reason for such a quick bandaid solution is that more resources are being put into the replacement event and testing.

@RamenWithSoup, are you able to provide any indications on when you plan for the new event’s go live date? Two weeks from now when next PRT event is scheduled?



We alrdy had that kind of event , its a no good thing

Great change but why nit just bring out the new tier of primarchs

Hopefully there won’t be anymore tbh. Otherwise its just another thing for newer players to be overwhelmed with when it comes to trying to catch up and be relevant.