Primarch and Rider Training Event Changes

Hey Dragon Lords,

We’re here today to give you all a quick update on some changes that we have planned for the future for Primarch & Rider Training events. Currently the team is working on creating an event to replace PRT events. This is due to many players having maxed out riders and primarchs which makes it very hard to earn points in the PRT event. Until that event is complete we’ll be making some adjustments to Beasts to help you all out.

Primarch & Rider Training Changes

  • For PRT event only, we’ll be increasing base points for beasts from 6 to 200 for Beast Hunting
  • Loot multipliers and the bonus for having Atlas Elite still apply to this number. This means that if you have elite and do about 20 runs, you’ll end up with just over 80k points for the day

We will be aiming to have this added in early tomorrow, please be sure to check back to find out when the change has been made.

Two important points to note about this change

  • We can’t refresh multipliers when we do, so please be sure to save your multiplier runs until after we make the change
  • This increase in points for Beast Hunting will apply only to the PRT event



Update (1/26/2021 11:43AM PST): We found an issue in testing overnight that has caused us to not be able to implement this in the upcoming PRT event. We will be taking the time to resolve this but this means that we’ll be moving this change to be on the next PRT event.

Update (2/8/2021 1:23PM PT): This change will be going live today at roughly 3:30pm PT.

Update (2/8/2021 4:20pm PT): This change should be live now, please reload Atlas to see the change.


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