Primarch Details Page Improvements

We are wanting to explore improvements to the primarch details page. Ideally we want to improve the general usability, but also improve the ability to manage large scale conflicts at a single location.

Here are the things we would definitely like to try and incorporate into the details page. Does anyone have thoughts on these items? Also would like anyone to propose other bits of information believed to be critical that are worth trying to fit in.

  • Player Name/Level/Team
  • Primarch Level
  • Primarch attack/def
  • Primarch type
  • Troop Count
  • Fort bonuses and Sieger penalties
  • Status effects on primarch (delayed, trapped, taunted) and their durations
  • Way to see which primarch is using a special ability on another primarch
  • Be able to directly use a special ability on a primarch (trap them, future abilties)
  • Transfer troops to a primarch
  • Attack a primarch

If it’s in range of an allied taunter? Though I guess some of that is from taunters having a larger range than they’re supposed to/removes some map reading.

Taunters will only be able to taunt at their current location in a future bug fix update.

although this has nothing to do with primarch, but it will be good to see if a poacher is spawning, I often find myself travel far to get to a poacher but ended up not able to attack because it is spawning. Also it will be good to see how much time left until it is done spawning

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When poachers are spawning, they’re grayed out. If you tap it, there’s also a timer at the top of the screen, showing the time until spawn.

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the transfer troops to/from a primarch shouldnt have a reverse button.

Ideally it would be a slider of the total troops available on both garrison and primarch.

ie, if you have 2500 total troops and you click transfer, a single slider showing how much is on primarch and how much on garrison.

hopefully that made sense. i know i get alot of question from new players to atlas on this.

hum I don’t see them grey out, I still see the colour on them, but I will check out the clock when the update is done and let you know if it is there :thinking:

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The colored circle still shows up colored but the actual poacher dragon itself that sits on top of the circle should be grey instead of black/colored

They also don’t have the travel trail coming from them when they are idle.

Some people don’t see the trail. Going to be fixed in next update I hope :slight_smile:

Edit: some example of spawning poacher

They ran into issues with getting it out, so it’d been delayed :cry:

Edit: Found the post -

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