Primarch disappeared


After my last attack wit a Sieger on a Kingpin wit 2 troop there was no “Primarch freed” message but he disappeared completely
He is listed as Lvl 0 and I can’t move or resumon him anymore… Help please

I’m having a similar issue. I attacked a Poacher/Kingpin and now I’m getting message stating “You have no Primarch. Please summon one in order to move.” The Prime is visually still on the map but it bouncing back and forth from the poacher to the closest castle. If I catch it just right I can attack again but I don’t get gold/crafting materials. (Ticket was submitted)

Same here

Same here

In my team three more with the same issue

same here

I have the same problem but mine was a pvp atlas attack. My rusher is lvl 0 but the icon shows as a destroyer on the map. At least 3 others on my team are having the same problem.

Same here. And both my Primarchs (they show in my roster but are inaccessible) are showing as Level 0. Trying to summon gets a “move Sieger here to summon” message, but when I try to do that it says I have no Primarch.

@PGDave - any fixes or work around for this?

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I remember when this happened last time. It took a long time for PG to fix it. Many of my teammates are having the same issue. I told them all to open a ticket.

My teammate lost both primarches,so he can’t do anything in Atlas(
Hopefully it will be fixed ASAP

The same but I can see him “inside” my fortress…

Someone tried to reinstall? Pg replied with a link to “known issues”, last updated on 2017, so…

Didn’t help

I was going to invest on this event and I bloody need the mine to grind it. Murphy’s law in maximum

Same problem.
Cannot move, resummon primarches after being killed

Thanks for the heads up, the team is looking into this.

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Everyone affected should be back to normal shortly (if you’re not already fixed). We’re not sure what caused the problem yet, but we’re putting in place better monitoring to detect if it happens again (as it is easy to jolt back to life when it does go pear-shaped) and also are of course trying to get to the bottom why it happened in the first place.


Thanks for the info, good to know you are on top of it

I had the same problem. I changed where my home base was, then I could resummon my primarch.

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