Primarch Hunt Power Bug

I thought this was just me but have heard others having it happen too and it seems to be happening more often now and didn’t see a post.

Sometimes, it seems completely random Primarch hunt power gets set to 0. I’ve had it happen right after entering Atlas trying to make my first attack and also in the middle of gold hunting, doing runs then all of a sudden I get hunt power is not high enough, check the primarch details and it’s hunt power is 0.

This can be fixed by exiting Atlas and going back in. Sometimes I need to do it more than once to get the primarch’s hunt power back to normal.

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seen it too, but since it was fixed on my end by re-entering atlas or restarting the game… i never exactly cared. :sweat_smile:

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^ this

Have had it recently tho

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I had that issue yesterday, after closing atlas and opening it again the hunt power was normal again.
All 3 primarchs were having the issue.

Mine does something similar although not zero.

It wont let me attack a L23 mob. But I can attack a L7 mob.

I kill the L7 and immediately after I can kill the L23. No idea why this happens.

Attacking gold mine seems to reset it for a completely unknown reason as well.

This has happened for a while and I figured the same thing, but when someone on my team with a slower phone was frustrated because of the amount of time it took to reload constantly I figured it was worth bringing up and hopefully it’s a quick fix.

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