Primarch Leveling


You’ll want 2 trappers as that comes in real handy when you defend in an atlas war. For most players that’s all you need.


Imo silver trappers are pretty much useful at NML
And in def on your own castle
But we have more offensive actions,so it’s more likely,I’ll go for Destroyer and add buff on it(if possible)
You need to use some strategy with silver primarches
It’s easier to get balanced primarch as a first primarch,and learn how real battles works
If you haven’t had any yet-it’s might be not very comfy to use it.

It works in a way “silver-silver”
So maxed silver trapper with maxed bronze primarch ratio will be good for you,almost 1/1(depends where battle happened and which primarch hitting you)
But,let’s say…you bring trapper with 25k troops on it,and someone bring silver offensive primarch
You will get ratio 9-10/25k) so it’s questionable pleasure,if your base isn’t very strong.
Ppl will just target you immediately


As I mentioned in initial post, my team is not really a castle conquest team…my primes are usually just for glory hunting for chests and badges, so if I’m understanding correctly it really is of no use to me to level to silver, that being said I guess its time to start using the taunter then. Thanks for everyone’s input


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