Primarch search filter for pvp please!

Please allow a filter for primarch search in PvP area only. I think it would be a very useful function. Thank you for your consideration.

doesn’t the primarch finder do this?

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It would be nice if the primarch finder had an option to toggle castle primarchs on/off. Having the finder give your castle primarchs during pvps makes it pretty useless and causes terrible lag

I would like it much more if you could actually launch from the finder.


Not that I am aware

If you zoom to the appropriate level it shows only primarchs in the area shown. I guess I’m not understanding your request then.

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That too, it never made sense to me why it doesnt let us do that if we move our primarch there.

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I would like to zoom out to a large area and search for primarches in PvP areas only

Like on the whole map?

The thing struggles as it is with just one busy castle, it would drag your game to a screeching halt.

Not to mention all the folks who will complain you interrupted their glory swap or whatever. Are you sure you’re going to want to be seen as easily as you will be able to see others?


I agree that’s the reason I don’t use the search.
Even during pvp event there is no reason to give me results of a castle that is shielded and its impossible to hit

There are not a lot of primarches in the PvP areas. I don’t think it would create a huge lag. Besides you can zoom out and do a primarch search now but it does not give an option for pvp areas only. Yes I do think it is a fair game to see and be seen in PvP areas. It would be even better if a filter was added for amount of troops the primarches carry. Like search only for primarches with more than x number of troops.

Okay, well you do know PG wants to discourage glory hunting in NML I am sure, so I doubt you will get what you want.

You should ask for a utility that shows the position of any particular team’s castles while you’re at it.

Good luck

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zoom closer in and drag it around on the PVP area you are looking. I mean are you going to keep flying back and forth across the map spending diamonds to speed (seeing as no more hastes or portals)? The odds of them being there when your primarch arrives panting are pretty slim.

You can tell when you’re getting primarchs at a castle in the finder.

PG wants to discourage glory hunting in PVP? That is news to me. Why than have PvP at all ?

You don’t need to zoom out to the entire map, just to you flight radius😁

Team castles position has nothing to do with my post.
Why bring it up? Let’s keep the discussion on the subject.

I was going to go search for eggtoken’s comments on NML and changes to glory and all but you can search yourself.

I can suggest you ask for any ridiculous thing I want, thank you very much. I was trying to get you to think beyond why you would like and yet others might not.

I’m done, have a nice day

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I always assumed that some people could launch attacks from the finder, and I just wasn’t one of the chosen few. If no one can, then perhaps they should get rid of that tempting button?

The finder is really useful but crashes the game far too frequently. So I can’t risk using it when I’m in NML because I might have to restart the game, whilst my poor troops get slaughtered.

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Maybe the button is “future development”. Yeah it’s pretty unstable, I just thought the OP could use it to scan NML by dragging it around. Seems they are just looking for an “easy” way to see primarchs in NML other than aligane.

Not sure why anyone would use it during a castle attack so, to be honest I’m not sure what good it is. I just hang out nearby and snipe as the juicy siegers show up

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