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I hope people share their view as mine might be skewed. Right now, any of the Tier II primarchs take 12 hours to summon. 12 hours during a time in the game when clocks are the biggest shortage mind you. Okay, so it is mean to give “meaning” to the loss. And players are going to play smarter? Sure, let’s say that is how it works except…who do you think this hurts?

Does the biggest spender (probably a few cheaters in there too) who can spend thousands of dollars per month even blink at the idea of using one of those to re-summon? I doubt it. The free player who is busy getting hammered is the one sitting there trying to decide if they can afford to summon it.

I get the concept of it but realistically just set the time to even like 1 hour and just be done with it. The only people being constrained by this are those who can afford it the least.

Now…before PG pulls a PG. I can almost hear what they are thinking, “Oh, it is not impactful enough? How about a 30d summon? Yes, yes, that seems like a good solution!” NO, don’t do it. DO NOT DO THAT. It will just mean people won’t be able to play Atlas and guess what, they won’t play it.


I don’t find the 12 hours all that bad, but I’m a fairly active player and 1-mn and 3-mn clocks drop like flies during my runs, so I usually use those first (they add up fast).

I would counter-proposal something more like this: how about 1 hour of summon per level of the primarch. So a level 1 would be one hour, a level 2 two hours, etc.

Anyone with higher level primarchs are probably not going to be all that constrained by a few hours. And besides, most players have primarchs under level 12, so they’d still save on summon time.

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It is of corse just my opinon, but the purpose is less and less relevant with the current changes and IMO if it was still needed, it shouldn’t be possible to speed by anyone for any amount of money. I also agree it should be shorter.

With the new changes you can pretty well prevent being freed (7.5k cap for attack or defend) by troop management except when in larger multi player engagements. And in those larger engagements it does make sense to have a cooldown. But it would make a lot more sense if that was like 1 hour (or even 15 min) and not possible to speed it. Maybe you give a an item that halves but never eliminates the wait. (Like how haste works)

But yes. I see zero strategy benefit from a 12 hour resummon time. Granted I’m not part of a big team with big battles but I doubt it’s very common for any battle to last 12 hours long, and If the goal is to remove it from the duration of that fight then shorter time seems better. Current implementation encourages 1 man armies and cripples free players. We have enough of that.

I do worry that if they took the time down, they will feel the need to reduce tourney timer prizes too. Because if they have to do that also, it’s probably better to have the timers.

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