Primarchs 101: Hopefully this is still useful


Ok. I wrote this a while ago, and things have changed. I have removed most of the information that was totally outdated (hopefully all), but there may be some things that are a little wrong. For the veterans–please feel free to point out any outdated info I missed.

Some of this is just simply true, and some is my opinion based on experience.

If you are new to Atlas, I hope you find this helpful.

Primarchs: 101

Read the whole thing . Several strategies are interwoven, and some are for very specific situations.

There is a tl:dr at the end (please read the whole thing).

I have modified this from what I originally wrote a few months ago because of changes in Atlas, and I have added some additional battle tactics.

  • RUSHER : Purple. Fastest Prime with exceptional defense. Do not use as an attacker. Has the Trap ability that can disable an enemy Primarch and its abilities. Use to trap other Rushers first (you cannot attack if you are trapped). Then Taunters (so you can pick your targets). Then Siegers and destroyers. Kill Siegers and Destroyers first, then Rushers, then Taunters.
  • TAUNTER : Red. Average Speed, Above Average Defense, and Low Attack. Do not use as an attacker . Ability forces enemies to hit it first in a battle (this can be circumvented depending upon your Taunter’s level and number of troops). 10% of the Taunter’s troops must be killed to trigger a cool down (duration determined by the Taunter’s level). Once the cool down is over, the Taunter must be hit (or trapped) again. It is advantageous to keep Taunters trapped continuously, since they are almost always strong, high level bases that will be youll-defended.
  • DESTROYER : Blue. Balanced Primarch that is stronger than the original Fighter. Above Average Speed, Balanced Attack and Defense stats. No special abilities, just a solid Primarch for both attacks and defending. If you plan to have a single Primarch, this is the one to get.
  • SIEGER : Green. Sloyoust Primarch, Huge Attack Bonus, Very Low Defense. Not Meant for Defending. Has a bonus debuff that stacks—the more on the field, the more damage they can inflict because the debuff removes bonuses granted by infrastructure to the defenders.
  • FIGHTER : Blue. Basic Primarch that is youll balanced, but the baby Primarch when compared to the Destroyer. You should upgrade to the Destroyer at a minimum, especially if you intend to have only one Primarch. You second Prime should be a Rusher, if you have enough troops to fill the rusher or a Sieger if you do not have enough troops to do so.

General Battle Guidelines:

These are more general principles that specific tactics, which I deal with in the next sections. These have informed my tactics.

  • Keep only defensive Primarch (Rusher and Taunter) anywhere other than neutral.
  • It is not possible to transfer anything, including gold, resources, or troops to a Prime or summon additional troops or primes if an enemy prime is present. Troops beyond what you can afford to lose should stay in the barracks, since “the barracks” are a pretend place you can access from any neutral or friendly castle.
  • Do not attack a moving enemy Prime. The attack will not count.
  • The time a Rusher can trap is in direct proportion to how full it is. If the rusher can hold 25k troops and has a 5-minute trap, but there are only 12.5k troops on the rusher, the trap time with be 2.5 minutes.
  • When defending, your Primarchs are almost always a better choice that your castle guards. Do not rely on guards alone to defend any location. Do not put more troops on a Primarch than you can afford to lose—keep an eye on your revive pool. Once it is full, you have a 100% permanent death rate, regardless of how successful your attack or defend is.
  • The same for attacking – even if you all attack at the same time, you will not all finish at the same time. If you are attacking with fully loaded Siegers or Destroyers, the first one or two people to finish will suffer heavy losses. So, 1,500-2,000 troops per attacking Prime is a good strategy. EDIT—this is less true now than when I originally wrote this, but it is still a good idea for those learning the ropes.)
  • Minimum of 1 Taunter on every island (fort). The higher the player and the research (level) on the Taunter, the better. If troops are a problem, every player donates 200 to the Taunters on their home islands as often as possible to help protect the other players Primarchs, the Garrison, and, ultimately, the island.
  • The Rusher can trap any enemy Primarch. Trap Rushers first, then Taunters, then Siegers. If you have enough rushers, then trap Destroyers. ** Siegers are extremely vulnerable to attacks, especially from other Siegers.**
  • Once everything that can be trapped is trapped (you have run out of rushers or you have more rushers than there are attacking primes), use the enfeeble option on the strongest Sieger (highest level player, since enfeeble weakens the base, not the Prime). Trap Siegers from strongest to weakest so that you don’t have to use enfeeble on a weaker Sieger you were not able to trap.
  • Focus all attacks on a single target until it is destroyed. Or, if multiple castles are being attacked at the same time, you will have more than one attack group focusing on only one target at a time.
  • The Siegers MUST be defended. If you do not have a large number of troops or have only a Fighter or low-level destroyer, be on the fort with 1500-2000 troops, but do not attack unless specifically asked to—you need those Siegers defended. It reduces troop loss and makes the battles take longer, and if you can finish many attacks before they do, they will have attacked with whatever troops they had when the battle finished and NOT what they started with. Do not worry about defending Rushers or Taunters. They have very high defense ratings, and even when they lose, they will almost always kill more troops than they lost because of this.

Defending against a much stronger opponent

  • Assume you will lose the first wave. The goal here is to maximize their losses, but recognize that they will trigger the shield.
  • The shield is up for 24 hours, unless you drop it early. Once the shield falls or is dropped, there are 3 hours of vulnerability before the shield will trigger again due to troop loss. During this time, you do not get any buffs from the fort, so you will be weaker, and there is no limit on the number of troops or guard you can lose (outside the per attack limit and the maximum of 10:1 ratio).
  • So, while shield is up (you’re going to drop it early—fight on your terms):
    • If you did not do it when the battle began (but you did, right?), set home to a nearby neutral (or another castle you own that is not under attack). You attackers, if they plan to do more than simply trigger your shield, will almost certainly leave several primes there to keep the fortress locked – nothing can be transferred out, but taxes will still go in—change your home)
    • Revive all troops possible and keep making more. This is why you were saving those horns (right?) and why you stashed all that gold—keep another bank full, since the gold at the bank under attack or locked by an enemy cannot be used right now. Earn what you can, but you have 18-20 hours to recover as much as possible with what you have. You will need your home at another castle (either one that wasn’t bubbled and locked by an enemy still present or that is in neutral).
    • As soon as possible, restock all bubbled forts with fully-loaded rushers and (if you can field them, Taunters). This needs to be done early so that your movement in the minutes after the fight do not indicate that you are about to drop the shield. These need to be the only primes on the bubbled forts. If you do not have a Rusher, Sieger, or high-level Destroyer (so that your offense is higher than the Sieger’s or Destroyer’s defense), then your job is to defend. Do not max troops on anything other than Rushers and Taunters.
  • Meanwhile, back at your staging location, have everything ready to go. You’re not doing a mass troop transport yet, so keep those revive queues nice and full (after restocking, OFC)
  • Drop bubble at least 4 hours earlier than it would expire on its own. Earlier if you can.
  • WAIT …. That three hours just started counting down. You might get lucky, and by the time they notice, it’s already over.
  • The moment the 3 hours is up or you see anything that is definitive evidence they have noticed you dropped the shield:
  • Trap EVERYTHING. The best defense for Siegers is that the other team cannot attack them. Don’t start moving the artillery until everything on the castle is trapped. Try to kill what they left behind before their offense arrives. Use hastes to get there as quickly as possible (edit: less important now, but can still be useful to get to where you are going very quickly)—this will free up all your gold and you can transfer and get as much revived as possible. You will need speedups or diamonds, especially if you suffered heavy losses, to revive all your troops. Change your home back to your castle, if you can clear it of enemies, and get those castle guards restocked.
  • Most likely, Rushers (possibly Taunters) were left behind. They are trapped. Attack with Siegers and high-level Destroyers. Kill them as quickly as possible. DEFEND your Siegers with extreme prejudice.
  • ONLY Siegers and high-level Destroyers should be attacking. Rushers are there to trap (if you have enough, trap in cycles so that things are always trapped), and if you happen to have a Taunter, it’s there to “taunt” and keep the big guns (when they arrive again) off the garrison as long as possible.
  • Remember to switch your home back after you have revived troops to a neutral tower.
  • Just to reiterate – All the Siegers and Destroyers need to head to the battle(s) as one. They will be attacking together. 10 simultaneous attacks with 1500 troops will have almost the same effect as 1 attack with 150,000 troops (all other things being equal). And no one person will risk losing too many troops in a single battle. EDIT: the theory is still accurate, but the numbers are different now.

If you were fast enough. the fun is just beginning.

Weak primes – if your guards are already wiped out, you buy some time by being there with enough troops – single troops no longer matter, but you need the total number of troops to be high enough that they cannot conquer the castle (so, keep reviving and come back to the fray). You need to be defending your Siegers. (Or, if you have weak primes because you are new to atlas and no troops, but you have good dragons—Harbinger or better—then back the attacks of your Siegers and Destroyers—you kill more if you 5-flame the base, but always get 100% if you can.

  • This wave matters… this is the make or break. If you you’re able to unlock the castle (kill all enemies), remember to replenish the guards. And really, this is just the same as the first time—only, it could last a lot longer. I personally have had battles that lasted three weeks because of how events fell—there were no event shields to give a break.

(So, this is the tl;dr):

  • Trap Everything and keep it trapped – You MUST be able to attack.
  • Trapping priority
  • Rushers
  • Taunters
  • Siegers
  • Destroyers
  • Enfeeble the strongest Sieger or Destroyer. Don’t use enfeeble on Taunters or Rushers right now. You may have had to earlier (or at the end), but hopefully you did not. The longer cooldown time is now a big factor.
  • Your primes will die… so you need to have troops you can pull from so you can reload when you do die (so, keep most of your troops in the garrison, since it’s not really a place).
  • If you can afford it, instantly resummon any lost primes, and reload with 1500-3000 troops (for attacking primes). If a Rusher dies, that’s a lot to revive. Let’s hope it doesn’t last long enough for that to happen. Same with the Taunters.
  • Keep everything trapped, and keep the targets organized and in order. Focused attacks will let you take them out one at a time, and very quickly.
  • It’s fine if 1/3 the team is full-time defending. Defending reduces troops lost, and it makes the battle take longer. If your attack(s) finish first, then the actual number of troops used in the defense (attack against us) will be whatever troops youre alive when that attack finished.
  • Keep an eye out for evidence of lag in atlas – you don’t want to be defending attacks that don’t matter or attacking primes that are already dead.
  • Killing them quickly will reduce losses in the garrison. But it’s still 3 hours (potentially), and then troops will have to die before the shields are triggered again.
  • Unlike war in the core game, the goal in THIS scenario is not to “win” (although, if you do, that is fortuitous). The goal is to live to fight another day, and to make it last long enough that it is no longer worth it for the aggressor.

War may matter for standing or league, but it is nothing you cannot recover in a week. A loss of your land in Atlas will take weeks, possibly months, to recover from. I know RL is a thing. I know you cannot arrange for this to happen at a time that is convenient for everyone. But you MUST drop the shield early—every minute it is down that you are not being attacked is a minute closer to when it can come back up.

How many Troops on Trapper/Taunt for Max Glory?
Atlas Platinum Expansion

Rusher is now called Trapper.

And if I said garrison, I mean castle guards.



Can you explain who should get a sieger, rusher or taunter? Teams have argued for weeks about what to get, and I still see level 100’s with taunters.


Oh good. Now I can yell at people to read this instead of having to type up my own things to scream at them

(That means thank you, you saved me a lot of work)


Taunters are only for the top bases on the entire team. Say top 3 or 5 players depending on how many castles you have. Level 100’s with taunters should really give it a double take


This seems like a good thing to add. Pretty common question. Personally I think smaller teams can sometimes make use of low level taunters if said low levels are highly active and have many troops. But it’s gonna be a very situational thing


I understand, I am posing the question for all the new teams to atlas. I guarantee they will spend hours debating what to get and many will get it wrong. I’d write my own opinion, but I honestly don’t have the time. (or the admired tag :wink: )


It’s happening already :joy:


Siegers are vital, double edged though cuz of low def but I will suggest eveeyone even low level to have a sieger, but that player must be very active in atlas otherwise there is no point having sieger if it cant be used for an attack. Low lvls obviously will need back up.

For average casual players , highly recommended rushers. Defended or not they kill decent amout of troops even attacker is high lvl sieger. And actually they play supee big role on castle sieges or defending.

For taunter. No debate, highest lvl should have it. Just my opinion.



First time i read a post this long. I was just making sure my ideas are correct. :joy::joy::clap:t2: Gj on this post. This deserves a thousand likes . :sunglasses::grin:


I strongly disagree with this option.

I think that siegers should be reserved for those players with good dragons for their level, strong dragons overall, and the better flyers on the team.

Rushers/Trappers are something that everybody on the team can utilize to at least a certain level even with a crappy base, poor skills, as long as they can understand the simple mechanic of trapping.


Maxed bases becomes lvl 30+ towers with that feeble thing. Ive seen our lvl 100+ (Including me)teammates killing 7.5k troops on a lvl 400 or 500 with their siegers. :grin: so imo its still good to have for lower lvl players. Or again another option is back up.

Edit. Oh yeah, not everyone would have that lvl of infra on their castles, so this one is case to case basis. :sweat_smile::grin:


It doesn’t matter if you can clear an enemy base if they can kill yours first. Low levels can make good use of a sieger if they are smart but I would not give a general recommendation for it to all low levels


Only if a single enemy primarch is there. If you get hit by a ton of teams (like you do a lot) you will notice that your siegers you have stationed there get wiped super quick being low level and low defense skill.

Just saying.


Its a good thing primarch summoning is 1 hour only now. I hope this gives you a hint. Ive learned my lesson being mushed a lot of times with my sieger.

And yes only 1 can be enfeebled at a time then cooldown, but you know verywell in our atlas wars we get hit by hundreds of thousands of troops in 1 primarch only, if all of us got 1 sieger including low levels then that 1 cast of enfeeble is very important. A team would want to maximize 1 enfeeble cast.

Also please consider, what would a 100k troop do in a lvl 100 base. Defensively its so bad, there is no other way to use it efficiently but by offensively with enfeebled prims or get back up. Just my opinion. :ok_man:t3:


It’s only one person’s opinion.

I hope some find it helpful. I hope others can improve it.


This is awesome. You have been holding out on this all this time? Lol. It will save me some writing


I don’t think siegers are appropriate for low level players during a defensive operation, but offensive they are equally useful for big players and little players when used correctly (as part of a tram effort with very few troops for a coordinated blitz)

I wouldn’t advise siegers for beginners because beginners tend to be oblivious of their inability to defend, and beginners tend to operate less as a team and more as an individual. Even the rusher is not ideal for beginners because most will attack with it, but it’s far less punishing than a sieger, and plays well for an individual as well as for the team. (I recommend the destroyer for most beginners, but every player is unique)

I think many players having a sieger researched for an offensive blitz is well worth the gold as long as it’s not taking away gold from troops or their primary primarch.

To describe the tactic for those not knowing, the idea is to amass a large debuff with virtually no troops at risk long enough for the first strike to lose less troops. It doesn’t remove the need for rushers to trap, but once the siegers are killed off they can summon their rusher or destroyer and load it up and contribute to trapping as more players on the other team become aware… the beauty is that the debuff doesn’t require more than 1 troop and is viable at level 1.

So it’s just my opinion, but all primarchs can be used effectively with low levels in the right circumstances. Most are simply only useful in larger coordinated team tactics though. Again, it’s all my opinion.

There are some obvious challenges such as getting the primarch summoned with few enough troops to be disposable, and obviously it’s only useful with good group coordination.


Just to be clear because I keep seeing “Rushers” mentioned everywhere- they’re actually called Trappers now right? So we want to get a trapper as a new player?



If any “old timer” says rusher, they mean trapper.

Most of us have finally stopped calling them islands now, but other changes are more recent. :man_shrugging: