Primarchs 101: Hopefully this is still useful


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and “ships”… Took me a while to figure out what the heck was going on


It was all nautical once upon a time…

The pirate avatar makes no sense if you don’t know the origin. Like, why a pirate? It’s about dragons, right? Not quite a custom avatar, but it’ll be rare enough.


I have maxed Sieger for ages and I’m not using it
I prefer to have Trapper and Destroyer


Low lvl with Sieger will be my first target if I’m attacking
And,especially,if they attacking me for some reason
When I’ve been using Sieger I use to be killed faster,then I’ll finish my own attack
So I’ll lose mine troops and won’t get any glory,because Attack won’t count


So what is your solution for that?


Be faster… Or have teammates defend.


Is it worth researching all the primarch types so they’re at least available for use? Wondering if I should do it this week while I have the free elite and thus easier gold :thinking:


Imo, it depends upon your level, your best dragons, and the strength of your base. Obviously these are all related.

tl;dr–in general, get a Trapper and either a Sieger or Destroyer.

At this point, if your defense power is not at least 1B, I would say don’t even look at a taunter. But, if you’re the toughest base on your team in in your Alliance, then you should at least look at it. Odds are, if you’re the toughest base you also have the best dragons. And that leads to the other questions…

How much are you prepared to spend?
If a lot, and you have a strong base and Harbinger or better dragons, get the all, but worry about destroyer last. You can go out “hunting” should you choose. There are several different tactics for this, and each has pros and cons.

If you’re not looking to spend a lot, I would have (before this cool atlas elite thing) said to keep your single slot, move to a destroyer, and have a good multipurpose prime that can attack and defend, although not as well at either as a Trapper or Sieger is at one.

And silvers are out now… Making the destroyer more valuable than it once was because of the power of the silver destroyer… But let’s not get distracted by the shiny thing that is much further away than you think. Back to reality.

For most players, my recommendation is to get a Trapper to at least level seven. At level 7, a Trapper on its on castle (assuming you have level 3 land and level 6 infrastructure) will have better (or equal I’d have to check again, and I just woke uo) defense than a level 15 Sieger does offense. Yes, if enough Siegers are present, you will lose the infrastructure boosts, so one more reason to kill them quickly.

The short version is probably what you were looking for… So I’ll stop with the reasons behind it. :blush:


That is why I said not to have them sitting at your castle.

Think porcupine.

Quills out.

Show no easy targets. 20 fully loaded trappers sitting on a castle (with or without a taunter) do not make an appealing target.

In general, land levels will limit the interest of those much stronger than you (but not always). If your a leader of the designated atlas guru for your team, you need to learn as much as you can of the political landscape of atlas. Who is friends with whom? Their friends? Any white Knights (players that feel the need to "right the injustices of the world)?

Knowledge is power in this game more than any other part of WD, and no one is going to just tell it to you. It’s too valuable.


Lame question. How do i transfer troops directly to barrack :thinking:


You can’t. Once you take them out of the Barracks, they are not able to be returned, except through death.


So the only possible way is when the prim is full with troops and then they will be transferred to the barrack


Unless you mean freshly trained ones. Set your home to a castle but do not have a primach there. When you finish training the troops will go to your barracks


That or if you switch from a larger to a smaller primarch.

But yeah not intended to be used that way.


Ah. I see I may have misread the original question.

But he has all the applicable answers now. :slight_smile:


Sorry2 my question was too general :pray: I want to atk with sieger but i don’t want to bring lots of troops at one time


Summon another prime, if you have the spot. Then you can transfer what you don’t want to lose to the other prime.


So follow my suggestion and keep majority of your troops on your defensive primachs on a castle and only load offensive one when going into battle

edit - you can transfer troops to your primachs if they are on neutral or friendly castles, even NML if no enemy primachs around. Use as a staging area when on offense.


Thank you very much you all :hugs: