Primarchs: Too Constraining?

I was hoping to just get both @PGDave @pgEcho and see what the community thinks of primarchs. Right now you get 1-3 primarchs but they are literally used for EVERYTHING. Want to hit a mine? Have to use primarch. Hit a poacher? Move the primarch. Attack, need a primarch. Defend, need the primarch. There are so many tasks and only 1-3 ways to do so, all of which involve moving quite a bit and through a large amount of area.

Attacking and some defending makes sense. But perhaps, being able to hit a mine or poachers in your area, forego the headache of having to move your primarch there? Make some of those even passive perhaps so you can focus on the combat parts of the primarchs more instead?


I suppose part of this is also functions as a limitation in having a lot of territory :joy: . I do agree, though. There is also the chance that someone, for some reason, decided to use their sieger to hit poachers/mines and left it there as easy prey.

Expanding on auto-battling more, as I think that making it infinite (doubt that’d be done anyway…) would end up just widening the gap even more , though some of the later items likely complicate it a bit much.

  • At least one primarch has to remain off-continent (e.g. at a mine) for the duration of auto-battling
  • Set a lower limit that’s free
  • Set a slightly higher limit that’ll take up heal time/heal pots/boosts (if applicable) for dragons that meet a power threshold (or run to show that it can clear solo)

I totally agree with Panda on this one. The majority of players only has 2 primarchs which is extremely constraining.
If hitting mines/poachers shouldn’t be passive (as probably intented by PG), maybe it’s time to make it easier to have several primarchs?
For example why can’t I use my little weak Fighter on top of the two Bronze Prims?

Maybe the root issue is more around the UI. Perhaps when tapping on a mine or poacher in the same region as your primarch, you could be given a “move and attack” option (assuming your not trapped by a blockade/rusher of course). This would launch the move and attack right away (no need to tap through the menu multiple times to move and then attack). Thoughts?

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Can you elaborate on how 2 primarchs feels extremely constraining? I also have two, though most of the time one idles at home and my rusher is sitting on the gold mine (so I can farm when I get a free moment and if I get attacked it isn’t the end of the world). If our team is trying to fight an important battle, more Primarchs might help a little, but it’s hard to keep track of everything so I’m not so sure I’d use more Primarchs well anyway. Sometimes I wonder if one would’ve been better than three (not that it’s going to change / be reduced).

I think its like this
You have 2 primachs, 1 stay at home, one gets routed to enemy land. And you want to do xp runs on Gold mine. So instead of moving primach back and forth, i’d be better if we can just hit the gold mine right away without moving the primach

I’d like that, if it remains within the same territory. Though if it gets applied to a neighboring territory, it’ll end up routing us through hostile territory vs a couple extra taps from move next. I don’t know if pathing would ever change to look ahead and route/allow path selection from there.

I only have one primarch right now, though… :joy:

No offense but at the level we play Atlas, we have to secure a huge territory on different parts of the map so we litterally can’t afford anyone idling or sitting on a mine.
Every player and every primarch has a purpose and needs to protect a border fortress or be ready for battle.

So I can totally relate to Panda. For example when you have offensive and defensive Prims:
You have one Rusher, Tauner or Destroyer to guard one of the many forts on the borders.
You have one Sieger or Destroyer to sit behind the front lines where it’s safe but ready to attack.
Those two Prims can be at anywhere in your territory but might happen to be far away from high level poachers that pay out the crafting material you currently need.
You can’t afford to have your whole team sit in one sigle region with 100-150 Prims to farm wind shards for Noctua rider gear.
So we would like to be able to utilize the territory we own and protect without withdrawing our important Prims.

That’s why a (for us) useless Fighter or maybe some sort of Troop Transport Primarch with no stats and super high speed would be amazing to just travel or even teleport around in our territory to hit poachers and mines whereever we want and maybe transport troops to the front quicker.
What do you think? :slight_smile:

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