Primarque for little lvl

I am lvl 70 and as my gold reserve is only 2.58, my primarchs can not evolve and stay at lvl 2. I have to wait to be lvl 115 to be able to put my primarques lvl 3. it’s frustrating and unfair to be so stuck. The gold reserve should evolve like those of meat and wood. Would there be a solution to evolve his primarchs before reaching lvl 115?

You can use your earned diamonds to supplement your leveling prior to your storage being able to hold the required amount :slight_smile:

To elaborate, you don’t directly turn your diamonds into gold, you fill your personal storage up and then you click the “train primarch” button. It will prompt you with a screen saying “you are XXXX gold short, use YYY diamonds to complete training”. Click yes


As Mech Said, you can use your diamonds to level your prims. That’s what I have to do every time I level mine lol

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I thought it was valid only for the location. Thank you for the information

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Yes I had to use it a while back as well to get all of my silvers leveled to max. Took a lot of diamonds to do when I was a lower level, but now that they bumped up the diamonds earned per event by 400%, it’s actually rather easy to do the leveling events.

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