Prime blockcaded on bubbles island with passage

So my prime got blockaded with no timer on bubbled island with free passage granted. Maybe want to fix that before you add more teams.

I see both your Primarchs with “Status: Normal” on the castles that they’re stationed on right now. Which castle are you blockaded on?

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Yea we have someone delayed on our Island also and we have given them Passage

Sieger is stuck have passage from empire near x-15,y-76 support is trying to move but nothing now for last 40 mins or so if you can kill or move it aould be great

Support id #1108189

I’ve moved it to a nearby castle your team owns. Could you check on it once more?

Thanks pgeggtoken all good now any idea why it got stuck and a hopeful fix so doesnt happen again in future?

@PGEggToken I still have people blocked on my island even tho I have given them passage.

Could you move my rusher too? It got stuck on a shielded castle as well…

There is a known issue that we’re working on with moving Primarchs a really, really long distance. Was that the case with these Primarchs? It might help us in our investigations.

Not with mine I just traveled a few zones down and the first castle with castle troops I ran into delayed me.

Was single move was trying to use portal but kept saying prime not at portal gave up after several tries and decided to move 1 place in same shared zone and that was when i got perm stuck in blockade on bubbled island with safe passage. Was already well aware of multiple moves not working except through safe zones. So was doing 1 at a time np till this time.


  • Is this the Rusher you have summoned?
  • Is it showing a “delayed” timer as if a blockade is active?

If you can help us with anything out-of-the ordinary you see on your end, it’d be much appreciated! We should be able to manually move it, but diagnosing some of the symptoms can help us get to the bottom of it before PvP comes back later this week.

Yes it’s my rusher and the timer only appears for about a second when I conisuously tap on my rusher icon

@Eskander555 This is what I see.
Note, No Blockade countdown in top Left of screen.
No Details about Delay. Just can’t move.

Following up on this issue today, but we need a live example of this happening to try to gather some data. Does anyone still have a Primarch stuck in this state, or know of one?

after 6 hours, I was able to move, and I moved fast LoL

We’ve deployed a fix for this, so Primarchs should no longer get falsely blockaded on castles when the shields are up. However, if you are already blockaded, you may need to wait it out, or submit a ticket to support to have your Primarch manually moved to a nearby castle.

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