Prime training spreadsheet

Hello everyone!
Not sure how appropriate it would be to post this in here but I made an atlas event planner recently for my friends and would like to know whether I should post this and whether it would be helpful to any of our crazy planners XD

It contains:

  • a prim train event tab where you can plan your prim train ahead with entering how many level do you want to level your prims and riders and receiving your points for the event! (paired with the amount of ress. needed to double-check that you didn’t shoot over the moon with these expectations^^)
    -a rider level calc ( enter the start level and your glory/shards and it will show the end lvl and the limiting factor)
    -a calc for speeding up atlas things with diamonds (side quest XD)
    -an infrastructure lvling calc (still in process, but those who want to know how many rss you need for a certain amount of infra points can use the actual version)

Would anyone be interested in me sharing this or does anyone have more ideas for spreadsheets?^^


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