Prims taking from other prims and changing to that prim confusion

So i used seiger on a team, well i had taunter parked on our home well its across the map :laughing: and said i hit a taunter with my taunter and took the troops from where i had it parked acrossed the map think we got a issue @Arelyna :laughing:

#1709757 look into this pls

This happens when your sieger dies and your selected prime now changes to the taunter and you hit attack from castle. The attack will still go through as if your taunter was present.

Not suppose to as itโ€™s on the other side of map itโ€™s never happened before it goes too 0 loss on each of dead

Was fixed image fixed after they didnโ€™t read what I put

I know itโ€™s not supposed to. Iโ€™m just describing the conditions under which it happens.

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Ty yea it was fixed by a forum person that works at pg lol customer service was no help @moderators cn be closed as was solved by posting here

Close by request. Feel free to reach out to a moderator if you want to reopen the thread. Thank you.